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integration solution for is a provider of cloud-based software that automates back-office financial operations for small and midsize businesses. The company's AI-enabled platform creates connections between businesses and their suppliers and clients to help businesses manage their cash inflows and outflows.

Your data can be very useful for your sales, marketing, and customer support teams. But how do you keep all those different databases together?

Integration is one of the main challenges companies are currently facing. Native integrations and zaps work perfectly if you need one-way pushes (from one app to the other one). But for a complete synchronization, you got PieSync.

What's two-way synchronization?

Most apps are not natively integrated. This means you have to work out a way to get contact data from one app to another. A two-way or bidirectional sync means that whenever you add or modify your customers’ information in one tool, you’ll have it automatically up-to-date in the other one, and vice versa.

That helps you avoid data silos. Plus, PieSync keeps in mind historical data to make sure you don’t overwrite contacts or have incomplete databases.

From now on, you can connect to all these apps:

Every Wednesday, PieSync releases a new application. If the business tool you are using is not available yet, go to the section 'investigating' and vote for the app you need. We'll add it to our pipeline.

Key PieSync features for users

Intelligent Syncing

Sync according to your contacts attributes, categories, lists, etc. This allows you to maintain your segmentation across apps for marketing, sales and support purposes.

It works with an intuitive “If–this–then–that” set of rules, enabling you to accomplish complex automatic workflows across different applications. rules syncpng

Custom Mapping

The PieSync dashboard will show common contact fields: first name, last name, email address, etc. These are mapped by default. Additionally, you can map other custom-made fields.

Integration by PieSync for

Additionally, you can map other custom-made fields.

custom fields sync

Do you need help setting up your sync? Here’s everything you need to know about it. and PieSync

Top Syncs For

From now on, you can have in sync: and your Contact Management Tools and your CRM and your Email Marketing app and other apps

These are only some examples, the combinations and workflows you can create are limitless! Keep your software stack in sync, your way!

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