Keep your BT Cloud Phone data in sync with 251 apps

BT Cloud Phone

Sync your BT Cloud Phone Contacts' Data with 251 other apps

BT Cloud Phone is a plug’n’play phone system designed for the small business that wants all the features of a system without the fuss of running one.

This easy-to-use phone system built by RingCentral already offered integrations with Outlook, MS Dynamics and Office 365. But from now on, BT Cloud Phone can be fully in sync with 251 business applications!

PieSync offers a two-way data sync that works in real time connecting best-of-breed business application. That means that if there's new or updated information in one app (either BT Cloud Phone or the other app), you'll have that change available in the other app automatically.

In case you are wondering... Yes! This the end of out-of-date contact data or the unfortunate CSVs import/export

These are the applications available for a two-way sync with BT Cloud Phone:

Need another app in sync? Every Wednesday, PieSync releases a new application. If the business tool you are using is not available yet, go to the pipeline and vote for the app you need.

Setting up your 2-way sync

When you configure a sync, PieSync will start by checking your existing data and it will help you detect and manage duplicates (in case there's more than one contact with the same email address). Both applications will be enriched with new information, empowering your entire software stack inmediatly.

You can use PieSync top features to customize the workflow of data between BT Cloud Phone and your connected app. Here are some interesting options for you:

Rule-Based Sync

When you are working with big databases, it can happen that you don't need all the data from all your apps in sync. Thanks to PieSync's "if-this-then-that" rules or conditions you can choose which contacts to sync and how; according to attributes, tags, labels, lists, etc.

integration bt cloud phone

Custom Mapping

PieSync will automatically map most of your contacts' information fields: name, email, address, phone number, etc. If you've created custom fields, you can also manually map as many fields as you wish:

Screenshot 2019-11-27 at 16.06.09

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Top Syncs

Some popular syncs for phone systems are:

Phone System + CRM

Phone System + Customer Support tool such as...

Phone System + Accounting/ Invoicing app such as...

Phone System + Contact Repository such as...

But the combinations and workflows you can create are limitless! Keep your software stack in sync, your way!

Need help to configure your connection? You can always visit our Support Center to get extra information about this connection.

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