Guest Blog Post: 6 Genius Ways to Nurture Leads

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February 27, 2018


Generating leads is cheaper and easier every day. Now even small businesses can invest a little money to capture leads from landing pages and social media ad campaigns. That’s great news for those of us with limited budgets.

But lead gen is only the first step to earning revenue. What’s more important is to nurture those leads so that they become sales. In the past, that meant emailing and calling prospects until they gave in or told you to stop. But just like lead generation, the techniques for lead warming have also become more sophisticated. Here are 6 genius ways that we at amoCRM recommend for nurturing leads.

1. Use automations to get in touch immediately

Recently, I was shopping around for a design agency. I contacted around 10 companies, and do you know how many responses I got back?

Three. And only one replied to me on the same day.

That’s bad business. I mean, I had no idea if the form I submitted even went through. Even a simple “thank you” would have been a huge relief. That’s why it’s essential to get your auto-replies in order.

Many chat systems already have this feature, such as Facebook Messenger’s Response Assistant. But how do you respond to lead form submissions?

Some CRMs like Zoho allow developers to set up rule-based triggers to get in touch after a form is submitted. amoCRM makes this process simple for the average user, capturing every new lead instantly and then sending out your template email automatically. When you’re the first of your competitors to respond, you’ve already made a better impression. A step in the right direction.

2. Cross-platform engagement

These days, people want to move between communication channels without a hitch. And the companies that follow suit are winning. So when you let leads engage with you in non-traditional ways like ordering via chat or troubleshooting via tweet, you’re already ahead of the game. The key here is that you’re able to offer the same level of service on each platform.

Bonus points: Centralize communication in your CRM, so that no matter which channel you use, communication with each client is saved in their personal profile. amoCRM even lets you respond from different platforms without leaving the client’s profile — a huge time saver.

3. Availability at every step

By this point, it should be a no-brainer: you need to set up your sales process so that leads can get in touch if they need you. There’s no point in being present on all the communication channels if your response rate is dismal. In fact, non-response is one of the fastest ways to make the wrong impression on the leads you worked so hard to generate. And once you’ve made someone to feel they’ve been given the cold shoulder, it’s hard to recover from that. Long story short - only commit to the platforms you actually have resources to monitor, then branch out step-by-step as your team grows.

4. Build a consistent chain of touchpoints

So you're present on a variety of channels, and you’ve got the human power to keep your response rate up. The next layer of complexity is making sure it all works together smoothly. That means every touchpoint is not just an isolated message to the lead; instead, each touchpoint is a stepping stone that subtly moves the lead through the sales pipeline.

The easiest way to check your chain of touchpoints is a mystery shopper challenge. Roleplay as a lead and go through all the steps of their journey, asking the same questions and raising the same objections that they might. Stepping into their shoes will give you a totally different perspective and help you answer questions like:

  • Do my messages help guide the lead toward sale?
  • Do any of my messages contradict each other?
  • Do I send the right amount of emails?
  • Do I make the impression I want to make?
  • Do I follow up at the right time?

5. Retarget with ads

One of the lead warming tactics I recommend most is retargeting. Simply put, retargeting means adding a tracking code to your web visitor’s browser, and then showing them your ads on Facebook, Twitter, and the Google display network.

It’s a really good way to re-engage with those prospects who weren’t ready to buy when they checked out your page. Maybe they’re comparing you to competitors, toying with the idea of a purchase or just plain got interrupted. In any case, these are good leads - after all, they know your brand and website and even made the effort to go there. Such a sample is a heckuva lot more promising than a fresh audience.

Retargeting gives you the chance to re-engage to remind leads of your brand, showcase benefits or address pain points. Even cooler: what if you could show discount ads to the leads who viewed your pricing page, or ads that highlight productivity benefits to leads who read about your time-saving features? amoCRM’s Digital Pipeline is actually built to make it easy to use advanced retargeting like this.

6. Segment & personalize

Leads come to you for different reasons and from different sources. Perhaps you’ve figured out that ads highlighting Feature A are more attractive to leads on Twitter, or that the ads on LinkedIn should be more business-like. Why forget about these distinctions once the leads are in your pipeline?

The way you interact and the content you use can be much more persuasive if you use what you already know about leads to deliver it in a way that appeals to them. I recommend segmenting leads and creating nurture sequences that match their:

  • Levels of awareness
  • Pain-points & interests
  • Style of communication
  • Platform of communication

One way to categorize leads is with tags, a feature most CRMs support. If you want ultra-genius lead nurture, you can use amoCRM’s Digital Pipeline to automatically tag new leads correctly and then put them in the nurture sequence that matches that tag.

Genius nurture means using your data

Every business is different, so no matter which tactics you use, your nurture strategy should be built on your own data. When you measure your efforts, you’ll know exactly what works for you. That’s when you’ll discover your own genius ways to warm up and convert leads.

About Jacqueline Phillips

Jacqueline Phillips is a sociologist by education and a marketer by trade. She’s currently on a quest to show small sales teams the awesome power of amoCRM. As a huge design-lover, she spends her free time building her illustration skills.