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July 16, 2018

Mailchimp is one of the biggest email service providers available, and it comes as no surprise that it among our most popular connectors for our 2-way contact synchronization. Our platform supports intelligent synchronization rules, which means you get granular control over how contacts sync in and out of Mailchimp.

Read on to discover my 5 favorite Mailchimp use cases for two-way syncing, or watch this 3-minute video tutorial.

🆕 Sync GDPR opt in accordingly

Have a European audience? Have you enabled GDPR fields?

You should also make sure your sync rules read into the GDPR status of your subscribers. When you obtain GDPR permissions through an e-mail campaign... wouldn't it make sense to also store that in your CRM? Or conversely, if you have obtained it through other ways, carry over the permissions in Mailchimp?

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🏷 Sync Mailchimp Tags

MailChimp introduced tags in August of 2018! At PieSync, we followed suit and you can use Mailchimp tags in your sync as well!

🕹 Remote control subscribers

The first rule in a sync, by default, would just move contacts into Mailchimp. You can, and should, take control of this. Don't sync blindly into Mailchimp 🙈!

You can remote control the state of somebody being subscribed in a list through your CRM. This results in a rule that lets PieSync's 2-way synchronization shine: subscribers will get elegantly sent into your CRM with the same attributes.

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🌀 Clean your lists automagically

When your newsletters are bouncing, chances ar: your contact info is out of date. Mailchimp cleans your list and stores that information on the contact. Send that information back to your CRM! In this rule, I'm updating the field of "background info" but you can just as easily choose to update a different field.

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👥 Transfer CRM segmentation to the chimp

There's many different ways to segment a mailing list, and you can have PieSync assist you in that by sending over whatever information you have on customers in a different system, synced over to a custom field inside Mailchimp

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