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December 8, 2016

Pardot syncWe’ve got exciting news for all the marketing automation fans out there, you can now sync your Pardot contacts two-way and in real time with your favorite business cloud apps, thanks to PieSync!Here are all the apps you can currently sync with:

Our developers toil night and day, going without food and sleep*, to bring you more apps to sync with every month! Be sure to subscribe to the blog so you can see the weekly announcements.

What is Pardot?

Pardot is a B2B marketing automation system from Salesforce. You can effortlessly generate leads, implement email marketing campaigns, and track your marketing ROI, all within the one app.

What is PieSync?

PieSync is an app that syncs your contacts two-way and in real time between your business apps. Think of it as the glue in your SaaS stack, keeping all your apps up to date with the same information. PieSync allows you to have unprecedented control over which apps you’d like to incorporate in your SaaS stack, making your stack a perfect fit for your business.Have you stopped using an app? No worries! Just hook your new app up to your SaaS stack using PieSync. You no longer have to worry about making sure your data is up to date, we take care of that for you. Click here to start your 14-day free trial.

PieSync is easy to set up

5-Minute Setup You don’t have to waste hours of your time setting up and configuring your sync. It’s fast and easy, with one step authorizations.

No installation or download The entire syncing solution exists in the cloud. You don’t have to install or download

Avoid Duplications PieSync hates duplicates just as much as you do. We eliminate duplicates by matching contacts based on their email addresses.

Add Teams You can add your entire team to your PieSync account. This means everyone can access the most up to date data when they need it most.

Multiple plans to scale your business growth We have multiple plans to suit businesses of all sizes. When your business grows, you can simply upgrade to the next plan. Convinced? Sign up today for a 14-day free trial.


*Not really. But they do work very hard!

How to start your Pardot Sync

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