PieSync Announces Next Generation 2-way Intelligent Data Synchronization Platform

2-way data synchronization integrates historical and incoming data without complexity across SaaS-based ecosystems.

GHENT, BELGIUM –September 6, 2017– PieSync today announced the latest version of its 2-way intelligent data synchronization platform.

PieSync’s platform enables two-way contact data synchronization for organizations that want to power their business by integrating multiple cloud applications. PieSync improves sales, marketing and service performance by easily and affordably connecting customer contact data without complexity, across SaaS-based ecosystems and multiple cloud applications,guaranteeing data relevance and reliability, every time.

This latest release enables bi-directional intelligent customizable field mapping and advanced rules to further enhance data mapping, including:

  • Bi-directional customizable field mapping allows customers to map and sync every single field, including not only basic contact information but also valuable business information like lead stage, revenue and more.
  • Advanced rules is an if-this-then-that function that gives customers the power to set-up more advanced and intelligent workflows. The advanced rules functionality allows the customer to remain in complete control, so they can filter and segment their data, while executing trigger-based workflows (e.g. leads that are interacting with the marketing campaigns are marked in the CRM).
  • Real-time activity feed of both new and updated data synced by the PieSync platform.

The solution supports over 80 SaaS based applications and is adding new apps every week. A comprehensive list of supported apps can be seen here.

"At HubSpot, we want to enable our customers to use HubSpot with their existing software, and to share data between the products they use,” said Brad Coffey, Chief Strategy Officer at HubSpot. “PieSync's new Intelligent Syncing feature empowers our customers to use those tools together and we're excited to announce the partnership."

Businesses can easily integrate the solution with their applications by simply signing-up on the PieSync website and following the prompts. It takes less than 5 minutes to setup an initial sync.

“We recognized that many organizations cannot afford the time or money for complex data integration projects across their best in class applications,” said Ewout Meyns, Founder and CEO of PieSync. “Our solution ensures that businesses can get up and running in minutes with little to no costs, allowing our customers to increase their data value by keeping everything clean, synchronized and up to date, in real time. Better data means deeper intelligence about your customers and better interactions – every time.”

PieSync customer, CFO Consulting Partners has found no other solution that parallels PieSync’s Intelligent Syncing. “Intelligent syncing makes PieSync the most advanced sync engine out there,” said Scott Magill, Director at CFO Consulting Partners. “Thanks to PieSync’s Intelligent Syncing we have our most accurate contact data right when we need it and in all our connected applications.”

The company PieSync was founded in October 2012. The founders, Ewout Meyns and Mattias Putman, recognized the need and demand to have a real-time data synchronization platform so that organizations can easily create their own app ecosystems by connecting multiple apps. PieSync’s 2-way intelligent data synchronization platform is now available globally and users can subscribe for a 14-day free trial here.

To learn more or see a live demonstration of the solution, join the webcast on Wednesday September 27th 1pm EDT by registering at https://register.gotowebinar.com/register/2246699563874556931

About PieSync

PieSync is the fastest growing two-way contact data synchronization platform for organizations that want to power their business by integrating their cloud apps. PieSync improves sales, marketing and service performance by easily and affordably connecting contact data without complexity across SaaS-based ecosystems and applications to guarantee relevance and reliability, every time. PieSync connects over 70 applications with new ones added every week and supports customers with greater than 20 employees across many industries. PieSync is headquartered in Ghent, Belgium. For more information please visit www.piesync.com.

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