PieSync connects Sendōgo to 249 apps for real time contact synchronization


Have Sendōgo in Sync with other apps

Sendōgo offers the premier relationship marketing service that runs within your preferred CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) System. They provide a variable print on-demand fulfillment service for CRM’s all over the world.

If you are a happy users of Sendōgo, we have good news for you: From now on, you can connect your Sendōgo account to 249 other applications. That way, you'll have sync your contacts and subscribers two-way and in real time.

This means you’ll have access to the most up-to-date data, no matter where you are, from which app do you log in, or who entered the data.

No more duplicates, no more import/export!

Here are all the apps you can sync with:

If the app you need is not here yet, you can vote for your favourite app here and we’ll add it to our pipeline.

Here's how PieSync works

PieSync is one of the highest-reviewed iPaaS in the market. With this sync solution, you can control the way your contact data flows between different business applications.

This solution works as a bridge to keeps your different apps together. Instead of pushing data from one app to the other one, PieSync actually keeps it in sync. That helps you avoid isolated data (data silos).

Plus, PieSync acts upon your historical data to make sure you don’t miss a thing or overwrite entries. That means no more duplicates!

“It just works!” is a common refrain, along with praise for how easy the software is and how supportive the teams are. We love a company that is loved by its customers. PieSync unquestionably is. - Brian Halligan, Co-founder and CEO at HubSpot

Sync it your way!

There's a chance you won't need entire databases in sync or maybe you'll need certain contacts grouped. For those cases, you can use "if-this-then-that" rules. These rules or filters allow you to select those groups of contacts you need in sync and select how they should be categorized. You can use your existing labels, groups or tags in each app and create your own workflow.

Sendogo and HubSpot

To make it easier for you, you'll find your standard contact fields mapped by default:

hubspot and sendogo

You can also map manually those custom fields you've created in both apps:

integration hubspot and sendogo

Easy to configure

PieSync is easy to set up and requires no special coding. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Log in to your Piesync account.

  2. Choose Sendogo and your other app.

  3. Follow the instructions to authorize both apps.

  4. Choose your sync direction. By default, it is synced both ways between the two apps, but you can choose to sync just one way.

  5. Customize your sync by adding if-this-then-that rules.

  6. Check your default mapping and add whichever customized field that was not automatically mapped.

Need help to configure your sync? Visit our Support Center

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