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February 21, 2017

Google Contacts Custom Fields
For Google <=> Google connections, we do not map the custom fields anymore by default. The user needs to map them himself, as this is more flexible. (using arbitrary custom field names per contact. ou don’t have to “set up” custom fields in google we will automatically add them to all contacts that get synced

Salesforce Custom Fields As always custom fields depends on your individual sync - and if both of the apps you are syncing support custom fields (some apps rely on tags) More

Default field mappings
The following fields are now available for default mapping as well (for all apps that support them): department assistant name assistant phone nickname spouse name industry birthdate (not for google and outlook as the year is not obliged which could give issues, to be fixed later) (Twitter Facebook Skype Linkedin)

Faster Syncs We’ve deployed a new queueing system that makes sure that when API’s are sending us tons of notifications of changed contacts, it does not blow up our queue, affecting the queueing times of other connections. As of today, all new connections are using the new system. I’ve already migrated some of the connectors we’ve been having the most problems with (activecampaign, campaignmonitor). At the same time, we’re moving these connectors to our new hosting infrastructure (AWS). We’ll migrate more in the coming days. This was also important for the upcoming outlook upgrade, where we will rely on webhooks (notifications) a lot.

Coming up: If-this-then-that advanced rules! Sync Events Advanced duplicate detection - no longer just an email matching system More team features so that one administrator can oversee multiple accounts and syncs

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