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May 16, 2017

What we’ve been reading

Here’s a round-up of the best links we’ve clicked this week:

Tech & Life

Positive Health Wellness: 8 Ways Technology Is Improving Your HealthTechnology is commonly associated with a sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits. But Karen Reed from Positive Health Wellness reminds us that technology is also giving us the chance to improve our health through the development of medical devices, apps for the Fitness world, etc.

Wired: Using AI to Detect Cancer, Not Just CatsSeveral companies (Google among them) are developing Artificial Intelligence Technology to detect early symptoms of all kinds of diseases such as diabetic blindness or cancer. Kaggel, the data science competition site, recently gave a $1 million award to the National Cancer Institute for creating an AI device that can detect lung cancer from CT scans.

It’s Happening

The Verge: Lighthouse is an Andy Rubin-backed smart security camera that identifies people and pets Home Security Systems are ready to evolve with Lighthouse. The company that aims to build the house of the future, has created a camera that identifies all the members of the family and even their pets, the tool could alert about intruders. Check it out!

Techcrunch: DeepGraph feeds enterprise sales teams with hyper-targeted warm leadsThe seed-stage startup Kemvi is announcing DeepGraph, a tool for sales teams that identifies trends across data so the user can reach the right potential customer at the right time. DeepGraph will work with sales teams to share contacts and other core data for targeting purposes.

Toys…Expensive toys

Mashable: Android is taking over even more car dashboardsApple’s CarPlay, you have competition. Audi’s R8 Sport and some of Volvo’s new models will have an Android Dashboard which will allow drivers to access car-specific versions of apps such as Spotify and Google Maps.

Arstechnica: Microsoft’s new VR controllers will be great—until SteamVR “Knuckles” arriveVirtual Reality is moving fast. Maybe too fast for Window’s first Holographic bundle, announced on May 12th during The Microsoft Build 2017. Their set includes a headset made by Acer and a pair of VR motion controllers.

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