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May 30, 2017

We love to read!

And we gather here the best links we’ve clicked lately:

The Business World

INC: If You Truly Want The Best Career Path, You Should Be Working At Startups and Small Businesses

Good things come in small packages. Even good jobs! It doesn’t need to be a big company of a famous brand to be the ideal job. Here are some reasons why you should consider applying for positions at a Startup or Small Businesses.

TechCrunch: How not to launch a company in the U.S. — lessons learned from LeEco

The Chinese technology company LeEco, made the news last week. Sadly, because of the failure of its launch in the United States. In this post, TechCrunch reviews the mistakes of LeEco’s launching.

Technological Darwinism

Mashable: OnePlus 5 confirmed to be a performance beast

And it is Darwinism, because in the technology race only the best product survives. And the OnePlus 5 is making the Samsung Galaxy S8 shake. Chipmaker Qualcomm already confirmed that the launch will take place this summer. Check out what the OnePlus 5 brings for you.

The Verge: The disappearing computer This awesome post by the tech journalist Walt Mossberg takes us through technology’s evolution: How it has been transformed over decades, what has worked and what has gone obsolete very fast and also a prediction of future technology.

Asimov would be proud!

The New York Times: Is China Outsmarting America in A.I.? China is only a small step behind the United States in Artificial Intelligence, the most important technology for the future according to experts. The Asian Giant spent billions on research programs and AI initiatives in the last few years.

Arstechnica: First the cloud, now AI takes on the scientific method

“Hasta la vista, baby” Discover how AI challenges the scientific method. This article is about how AI can recognize patterns using rules that we don’t comprehend. If you add some scientific data it can pull things out without needing a model or a theory.

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