PieSync now supports a two-way sync solution for TeamGram users


About TeamGram

TeamGram is a cloud-based integrated customer relationship management (CRM), quotation, proposal and sales management solution that helps businesses manage their workflows and sales cycle.

About PieSync

PieSync takes integration solutions to the next level with 2-way synchronization.

A 2-way or bidirectional sync implies that whenever you add or modify your customers’ information in one tool, you’ll have it automatically up-to-date in the other one, and vice versa.

That helps you avoid isolated data and duplicates. Plus, PieSync keeps in mind historical data to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

From now on, you can have TeamGram in sync two-way with 249 other apps in a few minutes. Take a look at the business tools available today:

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One of the things that make TeamGram special is the interactive pipeline view that allows you to determine the ideal stages for your sales process. During each one of these stages, you collect different types of information.

With PieSync you can sync according to the particular attributes that corresponding to each stage of a customer's lifecycle. Whether you organize your database by groups, lists or labels; you can choose the way your contacts flow between applications.

TeamGram integration

Learn more about the if-this-then-that rules you can create with PieSync.

Some use cases

Sync your CRM and your phone

With PieSync, you have your phone in sync with your CRM. Any changes you make to your phone’s contact database (Google Contacts, iCloud, Contacts+ and others are avaible) will be reflected in your CRM and vice versa. You’ll have proper caller ID so you can always recognize who is calling you, even if it’s a new lead that just landed on your website.

With PieSync, as soon as a lead enters our CRM, it’s available for a “one-click call-back” in the mobile phone of our sales team. It’s fixing three problems at once: speed, data accuracy and sales’ engagement with CRM. Adrien JorgeCo-Founder — Propseller

Sync your CRM and your marketing tools

PieSync works like a bridge to have your marketing and sales teams aligned. You can finally merge your Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) safely into existing CRM contacts without overwriting data.

Check out the Marketing tools available!

Integrate your entire software stack

PieSync’s supported apps include tools for accounting, emailing, billing, ecommerce, VoIP and much more. You can automatically sync the contacts, leads or company data from any of their databases to your CRM and vice versa.

Need help to configure your connection? You can always visit our Support Center to get extra information.

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