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November 28, 2017

WeForest PieSync Plants

PieSync Pledges to Plant One New Tree for Every New Customer

We’re excited to announce our partnership with WeForest. For every new customer that signs up with PieSync, we pledge to plant one tree in the Khasi Hills in India.

Plant a tree

Why PieSync is Planting

At PieSync, we’re passionate people who want to drive change. We already know that our future on this planet is in danger because of pollution and over-population. We want to combat this by making PieSync as sustainable as possible. Since we’re already in the cloud and have a paper-free office, we wanted to take positive action to affirm our commitment to the health of our planet, and to our future. That’s why PieSync will plant one tree in the Khasi Hills, India, for every new customer that signs up.

How it works:

  • Engage

    Engage by becoming a PieSync Customer.
  • Restore

    We then pledge a donation to WeForest, who then plants a tree on your behalf in the Khasi Hills in India. Read more about the project.
  • Measure

    You can view real-time updates on Khasi Hills project progress as well as an annual overview report.
  • Receive

    We will send you a certificate stating you’ve planted a tree in the Khasi Hills in India. Download the project progress

    What you will be doing:

  • You are saving a Forest

    We plant trees in the Cloud Forests of the Khasi Hills, India. This area is rich in biodiversity and home to the Khasi Community. It has also been damaged by extensive deforestation and degradation. PieSync is helping to combat this by planting a tree for every new customer. WeForest Khasi Hills PieSync copyright (c) WeForest.
  • You are saving a Community

    The Khasi are a traditional forest-dependent community that relies on the Cloud Forest for shelter, firewood, medicine, and food. This community is at risk due to deforestation for charcoal making, stone quarrying, and grazing. WeForest PieSync Community building Khasi Hills India copyright (c) WeForest.
  • You’re Empowering People

    The Khasi community is also being empowered through this project by initiatives to help them build a sustainable livelihood so the forest and the community can flourish together. WeForest PieSync Khasi Hills India copyright (c) WeForest.

Plant a tree

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