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April 13, 2018


For many sales team, Google Contacts is the place to store new prospects and other important customer data. But this data also needs to show up in your Pipedrive CRM so you can keep track of deals. Usually, sales teams have to waste time manually entering this data into Pipedrive, or worse yet, using import/export ) which runs the risk of creating duplicates or overwriting existing records.

PieSync takes the pain away for you by automatically syncing your prospect and customer data between Pipedrive and Google Contacts. You can choose a one-way sync, bidirectional sync, or sync only segments that are relevant to you. You're in complete control every step of the way.

Let's get started!

In the PieSync dashboard, choose Google Contacts and Pipedrive.


Configure your Pipedrive Google Contacts sync:

A two-way real-time sync requires two rules which are preconfigured for you.  


They read "IF a contact is in Google Contacts THEN sync the contact between Google Contacts and Pipedrive" and "IF a contact is in Pipedrive  THEN sync the contact between Google Contacts and Pipedrive" this means all contacts in Google Contacts will be synced over to Pipedrive and all contacts in Pipedrive will be synced over to Google Contacts.

A lot of people don't want to sync all contacts, or they want to segment the contacts into lists or groups. This can be done by configuring rules. For instance, you can filter your contacts in Pipedrive based on properties.  

Perhaps you want to segment contacts who are in a group called “Prospects” in Google Contacts (you will need to create this group in Google Contacts if you don't already have one) in Pipedrive  (we have created a custom field called “Real Estate” for this example, click here to find out how to do this).

Create a rule that reads "IF a contact is in Google Contacts and in the group “Prospects” THEN sync the contact between Google Contacts and Pipedrive  and add update field to “Real Estate”


If you delete contacts in Pipedrive or in Google Contacts, PieSync will add the tag "PieSync Trash" to the contact so that you can delete them in-app. Ensure that you have ticked both boxes under "Sync deletions".

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