Planyo's 2-Way Customer Sync is Now Available!

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September 19, 2018

Planyo launch

What's Planyo?

Planyo is a flexible online reservation system / booking software for any business which needs scheduling and managing their bookings. Planyo can be used by any business taking bookings (for days, nights, hours or events). It's extremely flexible, supports 27 languages and a lot more.

Currently, in the Planyo store you can purchase native integrations or 3rd party extensions to connect with other apps. However, PieSync is the only 2-Way Sync Solution available, and it opens a window to connect your Planyo customers with more than 130+ business apps in real time.

From now on, you can keep in sync your Planyo contacts with the following apps:

The app you want to connect with is not here? Don't worry! We are adding new apps every week. Vote for your favorite one!

Bidirectional Sync for Planyo

You rely on Planyo to manage your customers reservations. You may also have a Marketing Automation app, Accounting tool, VoIP system, and several other cloud-based tools. All these apps gather valuable customer information for your different teams. The problem is that most apps don’t really communicate with each other and as a result you have isolated islands of customer data in each app and department of your business.

A lot of businesses use the time-wasting import/export or one-way zaps, but your apps are never really up-to-date. These methods are one of the most common causes of duplicate contact data, while historical data is rarely pushed.

PieSync’s sync engine helps you create an intelligent connection between Planyo and more than 130+ cloud-based apps in real time. During the initial sync,the service matches the existing, historical data between the two systems and merges your duplicate contacts. Later on, PieSync’s method is to continually check and understand the data in both apps, whenever someone makes or modifies a reservation or his/her contact information in either connected app, it will be automatically updated in the other app according to your exact criteria.

This means no more worrying about manually import/export, duplicates or outdated data!

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Intelligent Syncing

Thanks to PieSync's rule-based sync( sync), you can create more nuance by using “If–this–then–that” rules or conditions. These rules enable you to choose which lists of customers, tags or categories in Planyo you want to sync to the other app.

PieSync's Intelligent Sync will save you hours on data management, ensure squeaky clean contact data, and will empower your software stack. You'll have the right data from Planyo in the right app, at the right time.

Here are some nice examples of what you can do with this integration:

1. Sync up Planyo to RingCentral, Aircall, or Outlook

planyo ring central

Caller ID! Say your hotel is taking online reservations via Planyo. By creating an easy setup with PieSync, as soon as a reservation is made, your guest’s contact information is synced to your telephony system. If they happen to call you right after making the booking... Their name will appear on your phone automatically and you’ll be able to greet them properly. Now that's outstanding customer service!

2. Sync up Planyo to MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, or any other e-mail marketing

planyo active campaign

The first part of this configuration is an example of immediate e-mail segmentation. According to this rule, your customers booking behaviour is synced in real time to your marketing automation tool. The second part of the sync, indicates that if your customers interact with certain mailings, you can set up automations that will send back the right information to Planyo to give them better rate conditions.

Customizable Field Mapping

Depending on the other app you're syncing with, you'll see most Planyo fields (such as name, lastname, address, etc.) mapped by default. Additionally, you can manually map your Planyo custom-made fields and any additional standard fields that aren't included in the default mapping yet. Learn more about it here.

sync planyo

Learn how to set up a sync between Planyo and other app:

Need help to configure your connection? You can always visit our Support Center to get extra information about this connection.

So what are you waiting for?

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