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December 8, 2016

Most Popular PieSync Syncs

Top PieSync Syncs Prosperworks Google Contacts Contactually Outlook Nimble MailChimp Pipedrive Campaign MonitorOur wonderful customers come to us with a pressing need - the need to sync their apps. Usually, they want to use just one sync, like Google Contacts to their CRM. They set up the sync, everything works nicely and they leave it at that. But PieSync can help you with so much more than one lone sync. You can set up your very own, hand-picked SaaS app stack using PieSync as the glue to bind them together. We love recommending syncs to our customers, so we’ve compiled this list of the top syncs PieSyncers like you are currently using.

Copper is a CRM built specifically for G-Suite recommended by Google and used by Google. But it lacks one thing - a two-way real-time contact sync with Google Contacts! This two-way sync turns Copper into the no-data entry dream you’ve been wishing for. Try it out today

Pipedrive is a powerful CRM used by sales teams across the globe. Campaign Monitor is one of the most popular email marketing platforms on the market to date, it offers various plans allowing you to scale as your business grows and customizable templates. PieSyncers combine Pipedrive and Campaign Monitor to create an unbeatable email marketing automation system, helping sales teams to drive sales, nurture leads with highly targeted drip email campaigns, and boost prospect and customer communication lines.

PieSyncers realized quickly they could combine the CRM features of Contactually with the ease of use and mobility of Outlook by using the power of PieSync. Thanks to PieSync, Real Estate Agents and Brokers, can now sync their contacts from their Outlook with Contactually. This means they can access their most important contacts immediately, without having to call the office or hunt in various apps. They can also add new contacts into their mobile app and it is synced automatically to Contactually. When deals can be made or broken in a matter of minutes, this sync helps Agents get that competitive edge.

Nimble is the CRM of choice for all businesses interested in nurturing relationships with prospects using omnichannel communication, and highly attuned social listening tools. Mailchimp is a fantastic add-on to Nimble, and helps Nimble users to easily nurture social media leads. PieSyncers use Nimble to prospect for leads on social channels and funnel these leads into Nimble. Then using PieSync, sync these leads to Mailchimp to go into lead nurturing campaigns. This sync turns an already superb social CRM into a email marketing powerhouse.

We hope this post inspired you to try out some new apps and new ways to sync! Got some sync suggestions? Leave a comment!

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