Propseller improves the quality of conversations by keeping Aircall and HubSpot in Sync

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March 28, 2019


Back in 2017, Adrien Jorge founded Propseller, the first “search-to-engage” property agent marketplace in Asia.

They use client’s reviews, historical transactions, and commission rates to match you with your best property agent, the one(s) making you achieve the most with your real-estate sale or lease.

They believe that by bringing at the same time transparency to clients and new business opportunities to agents, they can change the face of real-estate.

Propseller is using PieSync to keep their contacts aligned. Their chosen platforms are Aircall and Hubspot.

Before PieSync

According to Adrien Jorge, Founder and CEO at Propseller, answering a phonecall before using PieSync, was a big adventure. They didn’t know exactly who was calling them, if their was any information about the contact or their history with them.

This situation wasn’t contributing to the quality of the conversations, neither was it helpfull to create personalized conversations.

adrien jorge kleiner

After PieSync

Nowadays, Propseller keeps different contacts in sync between HubSpot and Aircall. This way, whenever someone makes or modifies a contacts information in either apps, it will be automatically updated in the other app according to your exact criteria.

Propseller 1 (2)

By default, most cloud-based CRM apps like HubSpot, only offer limited fields such as; name, country, adress, etc. However, for Adrien it was important to create a specific field “Role”. This way he knows which contact in the HubSpot contact database identifies itself as a Client, Agent, Talent, Vendor, etc.

Subsequently, he created that custom field inside HubSpot to store the specific information. Through the PieSync rule interface, he can point to certain intelligent rules. Thus, only the contacts that have a certain “Role” in HubSpot will be synced to his Google Contacts.

As a result, he is making sure he only syncs his essential contacts to his phone, as his phone is direclty synced to his Google Contacts.

These intelligent rules we offer can be very significant. In most cases it’s not necessary to sync all of the contacts. By selecting certain rules in the PieSync rule interface, you make sure you don’t overload your phone or other business tools with unnecessary information. Thereby increasing the efficiency of your business.

Gif Adrien

Another important factor for Propseller is to offer personalization.

“Saturday we received a phone call from a number we knew: Marc (Call came to Aircall, it was synced from HubSpot thanks to Piesync). The name was displayed on Aircall, I answered saying “Hello Marc”.

With one click, I had his HS contact in front of me (Aircall offers one click to Hubspot contact). He said, “I talked to your colleague last time…”. I said “Yes, you talked to John”. He said “It was too early for me to be intro to an agent but now I think is the right time because […], I am not sure you have that on your record”.

Because John recorded everything, I could say “Yes, you are living here, have x kids and you were looking for a new place”. I pass you the details but he was introed and super happy, while John was resting.” says Adrien Jorge.

“With one click, I had his HubSpot contact in front of me”

More benefits

Ultimately, PieSync is helping Propseller to improve the quality of their conversations.

“Effective communication is difficult to achieve, you need the right system, process, and people. There are lots of companies not able to do so, but we are doing it really well, thanks to the resources we have available.” says Adrien Jorge.

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