Real Estate Marketing Campaigns and What we can Learn from them

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November 3, 2017

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The real estate agency today looks much more difficult than in the 90’s. Two decades ago, people used mostly printed advertising and word-of-mouth to get information about available properties. Many people also called real estate agents to get some help with finding the right home.

These days, technology has changed the way the real estate industry works including the marketing. Earlier, customers had to look for information using agents and not so many marketing campaigns were conducted. Then, the Internet threw everything for a loop.

Social media ads, digital advertising, websites – customers now enjoy a range of options for finding properties even without leaving their homes.

In this article, let’s review what we can learn from real estate marketing to know how the money is made in the industry.

What Marketing Channels are Used by Real Estate Agents?

There is a wide range of marketing tools and channels used in the real estate industry. The following research by SoftwareAdvice shows eleven most popular channels, with a website, social media, and personal website being the top three.


According to the research, the Internet-based tools in real estate marketing campaigns have surpassed the traditional ones like telemarketing, print advertising, and direct mail. Even though the Internet produces a lot more leads, a vast majority of them aren’t ready to buy.

For example, they are mere browsers who look for information without the intention to buy. Given the number of websites that provide advertisements of houses, it seems reasonable to explore all available options. As the result, the experience of home buying has been changed forever.

The Essentials of Online & Offline Real Estate Marketing Campaigns

There are a number of universal steps that all real estate professionals take in an effort to maximize the profitability of marketing campaigns.

  • A professional website that includes a strong biography. A website is an online business card, so it is critical to post marketing materials there.
  • Social media page. Both agencies or individual agents use social media to reach clients.
  • Marketing on Zillow and similar real estate marketing platforms. More than 90 percent of customers use the Internet to look for houses, so marketing yourself on specialized sites like Zillow is a must for real estate professionals.

  • Have a large list of leads. Use every opportunity to obtain contact data from prospects.

What We Can Learn from Real Estate Marketing

Get client to sign up before entering the property

Real estate marketers, like any other marketers, need to have a large list of leads to work with. One way they use to build it is asking potential customers for information before viewing the property. Many people wonder why agents ask them that because they are just visiting the property and not buying it.

The point of signing up even without the intent of purchase is getting the information into that mailing list. In the future, the people who sign up will be contacted by the agent with promotional offers. This way, the agent gets free leads; for example, if he or she has 5 houses per week and generates 10 leads per each one, that’s 50 leads every week for free.

Here’s how Christie’s International Real Estate collects the information (email, first name, last name, and purchasing intent) in exchange for a white paper called Global Luxury Real Estate Market Report: Luxury Defined 2017.

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This technique for lead generation is certainly applicable for other companies such as essay writing services (and is widely used!). For example, many websites offer free content in exchange for contact details like email. For example, take a look at HubSpot’s offer:

marketing real estate

The next example comes from another popular website, QuickSprout. It provides an access to exclusive resources about advancing SEO that are worth “$5000 per hour.” That’s a great incentive, well done!

real estate marketing

These two examples use the same principle: the visitor has an opportunity to download/use services in exchange for contact data.

Increase Engagement by Posting Relevant Information on Social Media

As mentioned previously, social media plays an important role in real estate marketing. It provides an access to a vast pool of potential customers, so it’s no surprise that 66 percent of marketers use it as a marketing channel. Real estate marketers can share many kinds of information there, including images of houses, descriptions, video tours, and links to their website that has them.

For example, let’s have a look at the aforementioned real estate marketing platform Zillow’s social media posts. This one was recently posted on Facebook and it provides a video review of one impressive house. And, of course, it contains a link to the publisher’s website.

real estate marketing

Next, Zillow also has an Instagram profile as well. Here is another example, a video of how an abandoned house became beautiful with help of professional designers.

real estate marketing


Have a strong presence on social media. It provides a never-ending supply of potential customers, so any business should have an active page on the most popular networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Have a Professional Website and Establish Presence on Lead Generation Platforms

For real estate agents, having a professional website is critically important. According to a survey conducted by Small Business, most of the small businesses have it and the rest hopes to create it as soon as possible:

real estate marketing

Let’s now consider a few examples of professional websites. Here’s the page of Christie’s International Real Estate website where we can find information about one of the agents, Carolina Malcolm, including town coverage and a biography.

real estate marketing

Next, it is important to have an established presence on professional websites. For real estate professionals, Zillow is one of the first sources to go. Here’s the list of real estate agents that also features their coverage, reviews from clients, listings, and recent sales (the search was for agents located in Boston, MA).

real estate marketing


Create a great website and establish the presence on professional lead generation platforms. They will advance your marketing effort and expand your reach. Regardless of the industry you’re working in, this requirement is critical.

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