Recipe: Stop automated emails on open support tickets.

November 2, 2017
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Stop automated emails on open support tickets, Pipedrive, Zendesk, Quickbooks and SharpSpring

Your support team is busy fixing issues and keeping a close communication loop with your dissatisfied customers.

While they are saving the world , don’t send poorly timed e-mail blasts or insensitive invoice reminders that ruin your customer support’s good efforts.

PieSync can help with this, by identifying customers with open support tickets and flagging them through your software stack.

We’re illustrating this recipe with PipeDrive, Zendesk, Quickbooks, and SharpSpring. Feel free to substitute any of those with the apps of your choice.

Recipe summary

  • Duration: between 10 and 15 minutes
  • Serves happy support colleagues & delights customers
  • Fills up 3 connection slots
  • Tastes like raspberry pie with whipped cream


  • A customer support tool like Zendesk (can be substituted for the customer support tool of your choice)
  • A CRM that can attach tags to contacts, or has custom fields, like Pipedrive (can be substituted for the CRM of your choice)
  • An invoicing app like Quickbooks (can be substituted for the invoicing tool of your choice)
  • An e-mail marketing platform like Sharpspring (can be substituted for the email marketing tool of your choice)
  • PieSync (there is no substitute)


  1. When a tag is manually added in Zendesk to a customer to indicate a customer support issue that is Pending, a “Stop communication” custom attribute is synced over to Pipedrive. Because you sync to a field in the CRM, it can help drive behavior in other software apps that make up your software stack, such as e-mail marketing and invoicing apps. zendesk pipedrive

  2. Your colleagues in accounting should be informed about a customer’s status. Set up a separate sync between your CRM and your invoicing app, in this case Pipedrive and Quickbooks.While there isn’t a way to prevent invoices from being sent out, you can have the “Notes” field show what’s going on. Of course, you should use a different field if they are already using this field for different purposes!

  3. Now it’s time to sync that information to your email marketing app. In an email marketing app, such as Sharpspring, there is a list named “<em>Has open tickets</em>“. This list will become your exclusion list (find out how here). Alternatively, you can choose to temporarily remove them from a list, or temporarily unsubscribe them.

Pipedrive SharpSpring

Note that the rule comes with an “Undo” toggle: if their issues in Zendesk are resolved, your contact is eligible to receive marketing driven information again.

Enjoy your pie!

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