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Did you select RegFox as your event software? Great choice! This app allows you to capture and process multiple attendee registrations in a customized way. But how are you integrating RegFox with your other business applications?

It used to be that the only integration option available for RegFox users was Zapier. However, there are 3 problems with this type of solution:

  1. It doesn't work with existing data. That means the registrants' information created before your Zap was turned On will not be acted upon.
  2. It's likely to create duplicates
  3. If you update something in one app, that change will rarely be reflected in the other app.

Rather than a one-way push, PieSync offers a synchronization solution for RegFox, which solves the previous problems

During the first sync, PieSync will scan all the contacts stored in both applications searching for those contacts with the same email address. You'll have the option to merge them and have them in sync in both applications (problems #1 and #2 solved)

Afterward, not only will PieSync update your database when you have a new register in RegFox, but it will be constantly checking for updates in the existing ones to overwrite the information whenever a change is made. (problem #3 solved)

This also means you won’t have to worry about manually import/export data ever again or about having duplicates or outdated data!

Take a look at all the apps you can sync RegFox with:

The app you want to connect with is not here? Don't worry! We are adding new apps every week. Vote for your favorite one!

Customizable Field Mapping

Depending on the other app you're syncing with, you'll see most RegFox fields (such as name, lastname, address, etc.) mapped by default. Additionally, you can manually map your RegFox custom-made fields and any additional standard fields that aren't included in the default mapping yet. Learn more about it here.

google contacts regfox

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Intelligent Syncing

Thanks to PieSync's rule-based sync, you can create more nuance by using “If–this–then–that” rules or conditions. These rules enable you to choose which categories in RegFox you want to sync to the other app.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 11.06.26

PieSync's Intelligent Sync will save you hours on data management, ensure squeaky clean contact data, and will empower your software stack. You'll have the right data from RegFox in the right app, at the right time.

Learn how to set up a sync between RegFox and other app:

Need help to configure your connection? You can always visit our Support Center to get extra information about this connection.

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