Salesforce Active Campaign Customer Contacts Sync

March 30, 2018
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Salesforce Active Campaign Customer Contacts Sync

Everyone likes to work with the best of breed apps. For example, marketing wants to use Active Campaign and sales choose to work with Salesforce. Each app has their specific qualities that work well for those teams. PieSync can integrate these apps so that together they are a killer lead gen stack.

Send marketing qualified leads to your Salesforce CRM

Recipe summary

  • Duration: under 5 minutes
  • Serves happy sales and marketing teams
  • Fills up 1 connection slot
  • Tastes like chicken pie



Start your sync through PieSync between Salesforce and ActiveCampaign.

In Salesforce set up a custom field named “MQL” (Marketing Qualified Lead). We created a custom checkbox.

Set up an automation in ActiveCampaign that adds tags to leads that reach a certain score.


Then create this rule “IF a contact in ActiveCampaign has the tag MQL THEN sync the contact to Salesforce and update MQL field to SWITCH ON. “


Your Marketing Qualified Leads will now automatically be synced to Salesforce in real time!

Love this recipe? Check out our recipe book for Salesforce users:

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