How to Keep Salesforce Contacts in Sync with iCloud

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September 12, 2018

Maxim Recipe

Salesforce iCloud 2-way contacts sync

Apple fans will be happy about this one! Get your iCloud contacts synced into Salesforce. You’ll have access to all your leads and customer data when you need it most. Best of all - no more data entry! Everything is automatically synced into Salesforce for you (and vice versa if you wish!)

PieSync enables you to have your contact or lead information in all your devices and across your software stack. If you are using iCloud and Salesforce you can create personalized workflows between these apps with a 5-minute setup.

Erik Fong, Principal Consultant at Winged Eagles and former employee at Apple, shared with us his experience with PieSync:

“PieSync does everything that I need in the background. I don’t need to log into Salesforce and then be frustrated if I forgot to add something. After the setup there’s no need for any manual labor (...) It takes a long time to find a piece of software that you can trust with your data. PieSync is just that, trustworthy. I recommend PieSync to basically all my clients.”

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5 Steps to make your life easier:

1. Select your apps

On the PieSync dashboard, choose Salesforce and iCloud and authorize your apps. iCloud needs to have a specific app-generated password created in order for you to use PieSync. Follow the link on the pop-up in order to generate one.


2. Select the type of contact you want to sync

For Salesforce, you can choose to sync leads or regular contacts:

salesforce icloud sync

3. Configure your Sync


The rules for a two-way sync are already set up for you. They read IF a contact is in iCloud THEN sync the contact between iCloud and Salesforce. And IF a contact is in Salesforce THEN sync the contact between Salesforce and iCloud.

4. Choose which contacts to sync

Now you might want to just have your own contacts from Salesforce in your iCloud contacts. In this case, make the second as follows:


IF a contact is in Salesforce and Owned by Me THEN sync the contact between iCloud and Salesforce.

5. Map your custom fields

You can also sync custom fields, in this example, we’re syncing the “Department” field in iCloud with the “Department” field in Salesforce.


Try PieSync for free

Check how it works:

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