Salesforce QuickBooks Contacts Integration

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March 16, 2018


Let’s get started!

Here’s how to set up this integration:

Sign up for a PieSync account

Select Salesforce and QuickBooks on the PieSync dashboard and authorize your apps.


Configure your Sync

The default rules read “IF a contact is in Salesforce, THEN sync it to QuickBooks” and “IF a contact is in QuickBooks, THEN sync it to Salesforce”.

These two rules mean each and every contact in Salesforce and QuickBooks will be synced to the other app. But many businesses only want to sync the necessary information from one app to another. It’s a good idea to apply filters.

One example filter is to sync contacts owned by you in Salesforce and have only these contacts synced to QuickBooks.

You do this by creating a filter on the first rule “Contacts Owned by me” are THEN synced to QuickBooks.


You could even add a custom field to Salesforce indicating if an account has been won, and syncing contacts that only have this field checked. This means your won deals automatically go to Quickbooks for billing.

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