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April 6, 2018


Let’s get started!

Sign-up for a PieSync account.

On the PieSync dashboard, choose Zendesk and Salesforce. Then authorize PieSync to have access to your apps.

Configure your sync between Salesforce Zendesk

The first two default rules are your two-way sync. This rule syncs ALL contacts between Salesforce and Zendesk.

You don’t need to configure anything to sync updates to the default fields, listed below:


This means when your customer care team update a customer’s number in Zendesk, it will be automatically updated in Salesforce (and vice versa).

What your team will see is this:


If you want to create more nuance in your sync, and only sync relevant contacts (such as active customers) between the two apps, use the if-this-then-that configuration. You can then sync based on tags and segments.

Did you like this configuration? Then check out our PieSync Recipe Book for Salesforce users:

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