Optimize your sync with Segments and Filters


While many PieSync customers use an all-all sync, there is the possibility to bring nuance to your sync so that it is optimized for your particular business needs.

If you have a substantial customer database, it's likely that at any given time only a small portion of these customers or prospects are "active". A lot of PieSync users filter and segment their contacts so that only active contacts are syncing.

This function is handy so you don't pollute your other apps with unnecessary contacts, such as not syncing personal contacts between Google and your CRM, or only syncing newsletter subscribers between your CRM and email marketing. Filters and segments also serve to keep your sync count to an optimal level.

Watch this video for ideas on how to  segment/filter your contacts:

Through PieSync you can sync the segmentation, tags, groups categories, custom attributes, subscription status, etc that are natively found in the apps you are using.  Syncing subscription status is particularly important in preparation for GDPR.

You can do this by creating a rule and adding a filter and additional actions to syncs.

PieSync has an optional "undo" function shown by the green toggle under the rule. This will ensure that if the action is undone (such as someone is no longer a subscriber to a mailing list) that this information will automatically flow back to the other app.


In this example, all of the contacts in Outlook category "Customers" are those that are in Hubspot's static list. If you remove contacts from the Hubspot list, their Outlook category label will also be automatically removed.

If you want to define your segments you have to use the if-then-clause. The If-then-clause allows you to add contacts to segments in the other app. Combined with the actions of the rules and the possibilities for nuanced syncs are endless.


Want some help in setting up segments and filters? Reach out to our customer support team via chat or email.

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