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December 8, 2017

Shopify your marketing automation


Let's get started!

  1. Authorise your apps on the PieSync dashboard. This article explains how you can easily do this for Shopify. Then it's time to set up a two-way sync between Shopify and your marketing automation app - in this case, we’re using the example of Marketo. The following steps include some optional rules you may want to apply.
  2. If you acquire customers through various channels, you could opt to remove the first Marketo to Shopify rule. This first rule would otherwise push existing customers from Marketo back into Shopify. The second rule, Shopify to Marketo, is more important in this case.
  3. Shopify asks for an e-mail marketing opt-in upon checkout. Don't let that information go to waste! Immediately send it to the rest of your SaaS stack. Simply create a rule IF a Contact is in Shopify and "Accepts Marketing" then sync the contact between Marketo and Shopify and "Update Opted In" - make sure this is switched "on". The field "Opted in" is a custom field you can create in Marketo, maybe your marketing automation app already has a field for that purpose. Shopify Marketo Integration

Bonus Sync idea

Another optional rule is to have Marketo flag hot leads in Shopify. Set a rule reading “IF a contact is in Marketo list and lead score equals (the lead score you have for hot leads) THEN sync the contact between Shopify and Marketo with the tag “hotlead”. You’re now able to send special discounts and promos to your hottest leads! Shopify Marketo Integration

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