Shopify now has an automatic two-way real time sync!

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February 2, 2017

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Great news E-commerce fans - you can now sync your customer and lead database between Shopify and your favorite cloud apps, two-way and in real time!

Here are all the apps you can currently sync with:

Want an Import/Export alternative?

61% of sales and marketing teams say that "data silos" are their biggest challenge.

So you're working in Shopify, and let's say you're using a CRM. Great choice.

What happens? You get loads of customers in your database in Shopify, and marketing is collecting leads and throwing them all into your CRM.

All that hard-won data gets stuck in your two apps. Pretty soon your marketing department is exasperated at sales because they are again not sharing their contacts for a new campaign, and sales is mad at marketing because their list isn't up to date.

A lot of businesses try to get around this by using the good old import/export operation. Or worse yet, they hire a temp to do some data entry. Blergh!

Shopify Two-Way Data Sync

This is 2017! All of this should be automated. You should be able to send our your latest email offers knowing your lists are up to date. You should be able to make sales phone calls knowing you're dialing the right number.

Good news! PieSync breaks down data silos by syncing your customer databases between your cloud apps, two-way and in real time.

PieSync keeps your customer and lead databases in your apps, continuously up to date. It also means less data entry! Not only does that mean you save time, but it means your customer database will have fewer errors in it.

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PieSync Features

5-Minute Setup

The initial sync setup takes less than 5 minutes.

No installation or download

The entire syncing solution exists in the cloud. You don’t have to install or download any additional software.

Add Teams

You can add your entire team to your PieSync account. This means everyone can have access to the most up to date data when they need it most.

Multiple plans to scale your business growth

We have multiple plans to suit businesses of all sizes. When your business grows, you can simply upgrade to the next plan.

Syncs every 5-minutes

PieSync checks for updates and changes in your apps every five minutes. This ensures your data in continuously up to date.

Define Contact Subsets

Sync per subsets or groups in your apps. This feature is available from the Medium plan on.

Multiple Rules

Sync multiple subsets between the same two apps by setting up multiple rules.

Avoid Duplications

We match contacts based on their email addresses - and we check for duplications based on it. No more duplications.

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