Send SMSes to your leads using Salesforce and EZ Texting

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February 9, 2018


Send SMSes to your leads using Salesforce and EZ Texting

EZ Texting deepens your sales efforts by helping you generate more leads via SMS. You can automatically send prospects and customers an SMS about promotions, or alert leads when a webinar is about to begin.

Combine this powerful app with a CRM which doesn't have a native SMS function, such as Salesforce.

First sign-up for a PieSync account.

To start your sync, head to the “connections” tab and hit “add new connection”.  

You’re now ready to “connect” these two apps.

Step 1  Choose your apps on the dashboard.

Step 2 Authenticate your accounts. If you’ve used PieSync before your account should already be authenticated.


Step 3 Now it’s time to configure your sync.


In this example, marketing has passed over a bunch of MQL into Salesforce that the sales team want to send an SMS campaign to, they are in the group “SMS Marketing” in Salesforce.

Set up a sync that says IF the contact is in the group “SMS Marketing” THEN sync to Ez Texting “test” group.


At the bottom of this rule, you will see a toggle, make sure it is on.

This will ensure that if you uncheck the “SMS marketing” tickbox in Salesforce, they will be removed from the corresponding EZ Texting group and will no longer receive messages for this group.

Step 4 Hit “Start Syncing” at the bottom and you’re now free to send everyone in that group a mass SMS or MMS.

Love this? Get more sync-spiration in our PieSync Recipe Book for Sales teams.

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