Sync FollowUpBoss and BigContacts leads bidirectionally with Google Contacts and MailChimp

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March 25, 2015

Sync BigContacts to Google Contacts

BigContacts is loved by users in every industry, from Financial Services to Publishing, from Manufacturing to Healthcare. At a very competitive price, BigContacts' offer includes email, calendar, tasks, email marketing, sales tracking and marketing automation.

Now the PieSync connection is live, BigContacts customers can step out of their offices, leave the cubicles behind, breathe the fresh air outside and set off to meet their prospects, while carrying up-to-date info on every single one of their contacts in their pocket.

Sync BigContacts to Mailchimp

The connection we've built for BigContacts also lets you keep Mailchimp and BigContacts in sync. To discover more, read the blogpost we've written about it earlier: Sync Mailchimp with Other Cloud Apps.

BigContacts users can try the new PieSync integration for free for 14 days. Go to PieSync - BigContacts signup page and start syncing right away.

Sync Follow Up Boss to Google Contacts

Follow Up Boss is a CRM tool especially designed for Real Estate lead generation and follow-up. It works with real estate platforms like Zillow, Trulia,, IDX websites and many others.

Did you know that a real estate agent who calls a lead within the first 5 minutes after he or she left their details on the web site, is a 100 times more likely to actually speak to that person than calling 30 minutes later? No need to say real estate brokers and agents alike greatly value the speed at which contact information is being updated on all of their systems, in the office as well as on mobile.

With the PieSync connection in place, Follow Up Boss customers can now enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a fully functional two-way sync between Google Contacts and their CRM.

Sync Follow Up Boss to Mailchimp

We're all for equality here at PieSync, so while we were at it, we also built a connection for FUB and Mailchimp. Sign up for PieSync to give Mailchimp synchronization a go.

Customers of Follow Up Boss, or FUB as it's lovingly dubbed, can try the new PieSync integration for free too. Go to the PieSync - Follow Up Boss signup page and start syncing right away.

Universal Benefits of Syncing CRM Contacts to Google Contacts

1. Have all your business contacts automatically stored in your phone

Anyone who's used to calling from the office landline, with contact's info readily available from the CRM on their computer screens, knows what a pain it is to manually have to add contacts to your Google addressbook if you want to call people while on the road. Manually adding them is a huge time suck, but not having your contacts on mobile is not very professional. With integrated, automatic sync you have one less thing to worry about, and more time to make valuable connections with your prospects and customers.

2. Caller ID

Your contacts love it when you know it's them who's calling. Also, you might decide to answer the phone to talk to your brother when you're just finishing that last bite of your sandwich, but you probably wouldn't want to take that important business call with a mouth full of turkey on rye.

3. Trust both your CRM and Google Contacts to be up to date

People's phone numbers and email addresses often change. You don't want to have to worry about where to put the correct info, or about which system is up to date. Get both systems in sync with the PieSync connection to your CRM, and you'll even have the info John at the office added to the CRM a minute ago.

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