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October 20, 2016

Sync SharpSpring with Outlook, Office 365, Base CRM, Batchbook, bexio, Contactually,, Follow up boss, freshbooks, HubSpot, Insightly, Nimble; OnepageCRM, Pipeliner, Podio, Prosperworks, Quickbooks, Sugar CRM, Teamleader, Workbooks, Zendesk, Zoho CRMWe’ve got an exciting announcement for SharpSpringfans - SharpSpring is now a part of the PieSync family, which means you can now sync your contacts two-way and in real time between SharpSpring and your favorite cloud apps! Sign-up today for a 14-day free trial.Click the app you want to sync with, and start your 14-day trial!

Our team of engineers is working hard to bring you more apps to sync with, so be sure to stay subscribed to our monthly newsletter for the latest updates.

Sync SharpSpring and save hours of data entry work.

Picture this: you and your marketing team have spent weeks on a new email campaign. You hired a freelance designer to make sure your emails look top-notch, you’ve lined up a two weeks worth of drip emails to go out. The big day comes and you hit “send” on that first email. It goes flying out to 10,000 subscribers and then BOOM! You get hit by angry emails from people saying they unsubscribed months ago, your sales team are hopping mad because you forgot to import their leads from their CRM from the past three months. Time for damage control!Now picture this: you and your marketing team have spent weeks on a new email campaign. On the big day you hit “send” on that first email and it goes out to your 10,000 subscribers and then BOOM!Because you synced your contacts using PieSync, your unsubscribes were weeded out months ago, and your sales team didn’t even have to remind you to import their leads, they were just automatically synced to your email list. You’re happy you could get this done by setting up a sync in under three minutes. Your colleagues gather around your desk and give you a round of applause. Good job! Sign up now!

Correct up to date contact information when you need it most

We all know that there are apps out there that do these one-way zaps. Which is fine for jobs like pushing data from webforms to your CRM. But it’s useless if you want to make sure your contacts are in sync across all of your business cloud apps. You want correct, updated information in different apps simultaneously, even for teams that are on the go or who work remotely. I also know you want to save literally hundreds of hours of data entry headaches. I know you’re tired of the outdated import/export function. So I think I can safely say that PieSync is for you.


How to sync SharpSpring

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