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March 17, 2016

(Pie)Sync your cloud apps with Zendesk

zendesk_logo_rgbHere is a list of all the apps you can sync:

Our team of awesome engineers are working night and day, through sickness, massive train delays and trips to Bali to bring you MORE syncs in the future. Start your FREE 14-day PieSync trial today.Imagine you’ve spent weeks building up those vital customer relationships, carefully nurturing your seeds to success. You come up with a brilliant marketing campaign that you know your customers are going to love. The day comes for the launch, you click “send” on those emails you worked so hard on, and BOOM! A whole bunch of people angry because they unsubscribed months ago, and your sales team are hopping mad because no one imported their leads from the past month. Uh oh! We all know that there are apps out there that sync or zap one-way. Which is fine if you don’t mind the added workload of doing things like making sure your deletions are up-to-date in all your apps, or manually importing all of your historical data into Zendesk and then double checking to make sure the import really worked. If you like to be stressed about the details, maybe PieSync isn’t for you.But I know that Zendesk users aren’t like that. You want to focus on nurturing your customer relationships, and not muck around with data entry. But you know that one key way to foster customer loyalty is to have correct, updated information across all your cloud apps, so you get stuck doing all the detail work that you’d rather not be doing. If you recognise this scenario, PieSync is for you. We can help you sync your data across all your apps and in Zendesk so you can focus on your customers.“PieSync gathers my contacts into my CRM database without extra effort on my part, saving me time (and money!). I didn’t see anything else that looked as efficient and as easy to use as PieSync” - Tina Lannin - Director of 121CaptionsLet us take care of the detail work so you can get back to doing what you do best: building customer relationships

Learn how to Sync your Zendesk contacts 2-way through PieSync: Zendesk PieSync syncIf you need help setting up this Zendesk connection, check out this help article.

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