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September 10, 2019


HubSpot is the marketer's number one inbound marketing tool, but your phone’s address book likely runs on a different environment, such as Google Contacts. PieSync is the ideal solution to get these two apps to talk to each other - it allows you to create a bidirectional contact sync that works in real time.

Isn't there already a sync between HubSpot and Google Contacts?

HubSpot already offers its users a few Google plugins.

These add-ons help transfer email conversations from Gmail to have them show up in HubSpot. They also allow you to look up HubSpot details from within Gmail.

However, you will only be able to visualize actionable information when working on a certain contact record. These integrations are provided by Zapier, and therefore only work one way. They don’t offer actual synchronization, they just pull and push certain data.

A true two-way syncing solution for contacts is now available thanks to PieSync’s intelligent engine.

Let’s get started!

  1. Make sure you’ve got Google Contacts on your iPhone. You don’t have it yet? Check this article.
  2. Go to your settings and make Gmail your “default account”, as seen in the screenshot below. This ensures that new contacts are added to Google Contacts and synced to your CRM. google contacts hubspot
  3. The next step is setting up a sync between HubSpot and Google Contacts, super easy! A popup will open inside PieSync, so just log in to both platforms. This will bring you to the sync setup, where you can leave everything in its default settings or set up some custom syncs. The default setting of a sync is always a two-way sync. This means that you allow PieSync to transfer changes you make to contacts in HubSpot as well as in Google Contacts. Gsuite hubspot We recommend you keep this two-way setting. Make sure you understand the two rules that you start off with by default:
  • All contacts in Google Contacts will go into HubSpot, so that may include personal contacts.
  • All contacts in HubSpot will go into Google Contacts, so there is the risk of making this sync very heavy depending on your database. To avoid unwanted scenarios, you can use filters or turn off any of these two rules if they don't fit your workflow.
  1. Not only does PieSync create new leads or contact in the connected apps, but you can also use “if-this-then-that” rules and filter the sync to your liking. You can map as many customized fields as you wish. Afterward, you can just let it work in the background. Set it and forget it!

Sync these two apps

Pre-programmed options

In addition, PieSync gives you some pre-programmed options to manage the sync, such as choosing which application would ‘win’ when a conflicting change is detected. You might want to let your CRM win, but of course this is an individual choice.

piesync hubspot google

This function is very useful when creating a sync between Google Contacts and HubSpot and both apps already have a lot of contacts in common before syncing. For example, if Steve’s phone number exists in both applications, PieSync needs to know which of the two phone numbers to keep moving forward.

Another helpful tool is the dashboard, where you can follow the progress of your sync.

piesync dashboard

Google storage limits

The filters we offer in the PieSync interface can definitely come in handy in case you have large HubSpot databases. Google Contacts has a technical limit of 50K contacts, so if your HubSpot database is larger than that, you will need to include filters to trim down that number.

You can use HubSpot filters such as:

  • Only the contacts that you own
  • Only the contacts that have a phone number
  • Only the contacts that came in over the past month

We hope you're all set now!

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