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February 26, 2018


Sync RingCentral with Infusionsoft

RingCentral is the perfect compliment to Infusionsoft. It allows your teams to make calls to your customers and prospects using the VOIP software system. By integrating Infusionsoft and RingCentral, your team will never have to import/export a phone number again. They can make a call from within the RingCentral app with complete confidence that they are calling the correct number.

Let’s get started!

Sign up for a PieSync account

Select RingCentral and Infusionsoft on the PieSync dashboard and authorize your apps.


Configure your Sync

The default rules read “If a contact is in Infusionsoft, Then sync it to RingCentral” because RingCentral is a VoIP app it might be helpful that only contacts with phone numbers are synced to it.

Under the first rule create a filter by adding a filter “and Phone” with the value “has any value”.


If there are multiple types of phone numbers you collect (for instance a business number and a mobile number) you can set up a separate rule for each following the steps above.

That’s all there is for this sync.

But there’s no need to stop syncing just one other app. You can also pull in customer data from all of your cloud business apps using PieSync.

By syncing your lead and customer contact data between your SaaS apps, you’re ensuring that your teams have access to quality, up to date lead and customer data.

This will save time and money because your teams know they can rely on the data in the apps that they use, without having to check or perform cumbersome import/export operations. Try a 14-day free trial now.

Want to discover more syncing ideas? Take a look at our PieSync Recipe Book for Marketing Teams. Remember, you can substitute any of the apps for the apps of your choice:

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