Syncing Chargebee with other business tools via PieSync


If you are using Chargebee next to other cloud-based business tools, chances are you’re using or considering using at least one integration solution. Most of the applications you work with collect data about your customers, prospects and other business contacts. The problem is that not every business app “talks” to your other tools natively, and therefore to have a single source of information becomes difficult. Moreover, when there are several databases with different types of information and they are not somehow integrated , you have a problem with the unpopular data silos.

How do you make sure all your business tools have complete and up-to-date customer data at all times? If you are thinking about import/export CSV files, please keep reading. That’s definitely not the solution!

Luckily, Chargebee offers you in-app integration solutions with over a dozen applications. The application you need is not available yet? Don’t worry! Last year, Chargebee joined forces with PieSync to create a 2-way sync solution between your favorite billing platform and over 200+ other business tools.

Let’s take a look at what if offers you…

What’s a 2-way sync solution?

PieSync integrates your business apps bi-directionally in real time, which means that if a new contact is added or modified in one of your databases, that update will be automatically effective in the other one and vice versa.

If you don’t need two complete databases in sync but just a subset of them, you can create your own workflow according to the categories, tags, labels or groups of contacts you actually need in sync.

Let’s see it in action….

Luiz Rocha runs a law firm in Brazil and uses Chargebee to manage a flexible subscription model that allows them to build custom plans for their clients. Next to this tool, he is using Pipedrive as a CRM, where he gathers all types of contact data from customers, prospects, suppliers, etc.

He is using PieSync to keep Chargebee’s customer data in sync with a subset of Pipedrive’s database. So whenever a new contact is created on either app, it’s automatically available in the other app. Furthermore, if an existing prospect’s data changes (for instance, in case that prospect becomes a customer) that update will also be available in both applications.

According to Luiz, before PieSync “syncing contacts was hard and very time-consuming.” Small and medium-sized businesses with limited resources need to automate processes as much as possible in order to be efficient.

Customer data can be particularly difficult to manage manually since this type of information is constantly changing - people switch jobs, phone numbers, address, etc. In that context, having a platform in the background making sure those changes are properly handled gives managers peace of mind.

Pipedrive Chargebee

Next to ensuring up-to-date data, 2-way synchronization is also enriching Luiz’s databases. If there’s a piece of information one of the tools is collecting and the other one isn’t, it can be available in both applications. Such is the case with the previous example, where “Organizational Name” was only available on Pipedrive, but it’s now synced into Chargebee.

Top sync solutions for Chargebee users

1.Chargebee + Marketing Automation

Some popular applications are available: Marketo, ActiveCampaign, Drift, Drip, Autopilot, dotdigital, etc.

2.Chargebee + CRM

Some popular applications are available: Pipedrive, Copper, Capsule CRM, Insightly, etc.

3.Chargebee + Email

Some popular applications are available: Infusionsoft by Keap, Constant Contact, Campaign Monitor, SendinBlue, etc. See all the applications you can currently sync Chargebee with:

Benefits of using PieSync in combination with Chargebee


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