Syncing your customer data stored in Aritic Sales CRM with 248 applications

Aritic Sales CRM

About Aritic Sales CRM

Aritic Sales CRM is a full stack Sales CRM application for business use. This software enables your sales team to handle all your customer communication very efficiently.

If you are using Aritic Sales CRM next to an email marketing tool, accountancy app, lead generation app and dozens of other platforms, then PieSync is for you. Check out how it works!

PieSync for Aritic Sales CRM users

PieSync takes integration solutions to the next level with two-way synchronization.

A 2-way or bidirectional sync implies that whenever you add or modify your customers' data in one tool, you’ll have it automatically up-to-date in the other one, and vice versa.

That helps you avoid isolated data and it takes away the pain of importing/exporting CVS files. Plus, PieSync keeps in mind historical data, which will help you avoid duplicates.

Here are the business tools you can currently sync with Aritic Sales CRM:

The app you are searching for is not here? Don’t worry! We are launching a new one every Wednesday! Vote for your favorite cloud-based app!

Thanks to PieSync, I know exactly who is calling, no matter where I am or the device I’m using. Same for my colleagues to whom I refer a call to. That’s a big advantage PieSync offers us from a sales point of view! - Elisha Schoppig, Operations Manager at Hotel-Spider.

Setting up your 2-way sync

When you configure a sync, PieSync will start by checking your existing data and it will help you detect and manage duplicates (in case there's more than one contact with the same email address). Both applications will be enriched with new information, empowering your entire software stack inmediatly.

You can use PieSync's top features to customize the workflow between Aritic Sales CRM and the other app. Here are some interesting options for you:


If you don’t need your entire databases in sync, you can select which groups of contacts to sync and how. Thanks to PieSync’s “if-this-then-that” rules you can filter your database according to attributes, tags, labels, lists, etc.

Aritic Launch

Default + Custom fields

PieSync will automatically map between your apps the typical contact fields like name, email, phone number, etc.

google contact aritic

Plus, you can add your custom-made fields and map them accordingly!

aritic integration

Top Syncs

Some popular syncs for phone systems are:

Aritic Sales CRM + Email Marketing

Aritic Sales CRM + Contact Repository

These are only some examples, the combinations and workflows you can create are limitless! Keep your software stack in sync, your way!

Need help to configure your connection? You can always visit our Support Center to get extra information about this connection.

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