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October 7, 2016

link round up

PieSync around the web

Teach me Tech : "How to get started with PieSync" PieSync has been featured in an episode of Teach me Tech, a leading business webcast. Download the BRiN app to watch the episode in full.

Made in Oost Vlaanderen: Drie Gentse startups halen samen 5,5 miljoen euro financiering op Read all about how PieSync is a part of the start-up wave, here in Belgium. (Dutch text)

Marketing Madness

Techcrunch : Digital Marketers gain the power of AI and voice control with Crystal It's pretty difficult to make digital marketing sexy, but crystal is going at it with both barrels. Launched in public beta today at TechCrunch Disrupt's Startup Alley, the product features beautiful dashboards, smart AI and Siri-like voice control. Its self-learning algorithms can learn when a company's audiences are most likely to respond to marketing messaging and much more.

Schaefer Marketing : How to create a winning strategy with crappy content The conventional wisdom is that quality beats quantity in content marketing but that is not always the case. Sometimes cheap and crappy content can win

Grow your business

Smashing Magazine : Boosting your rates with psychologically validated principles In this article, John Stevens analyzes seven psychology studies that date as far back as 1961 that will help you boost conversions on your website. Some of the experiments are so controversial that they will make you cringe, but the lessons are fundamental.

InVision Blog : Innovators thing in terms of verbs, not nouns Powered by empathetic product managers and designs, companies of any size can meaningfully and continuously innovate.

Techcrunch : How to pull workers back from the brink of burnout Work/life balance in startup culture is total BS. And you are probably part of the problem. Until you say “enough” -- and fight back, stand up and resist -- you’re perpetuating a culture of burnout in which no one wins.

NYTimes : MailChimp and the Un-Silicon Valley way to make it as a start-up Under the radar, slowly and steadily, and without ever taking a dime in outside funding or spending more than it earned, MailChimp has been building a behemoth. According to Ben Chestnut, MailChimp’s co-founder and chief executive, the company recorded $280 million in revenue in 2015 and is on track to top $400 million in 2016.


Lifehacker : The seven types of email and how to deal with them We all deal with inbox overload every day, whether it's messages from work or suspicious salutations about a surprising inheritance. But you can categorize all the emails you receive into seven basic categories to more easily process them without taking all day.

The Verge: The best ways to cope with a noisy office I’m an indiscriminate eavesdropper. If there’s a conversation near me, I listen — on the train, in restaurants, on the sidewalk, and especially at work. But in our open-plan office, there are a lot...

The Lighter Side

Kokatu: Japan has a Kit Kat museumOf course it does! Clearly the country that has an array of Kit Kat flavors needs a museum to show them off.

Gizmodo : The Dark Web is mostly full of garbage

The dark web—the portion of the deep web only accessible through specific software—exists to serve the needs of hackers-for-hire, hitmen, internet drug kingpins, child pornographers, and their inevitable customers. That’s the public consensus.

Atlas Obscura : The bonkers story behind the first bulletproof vestMen shot each other all the time, it seems, for publicity photos in the 1920s.

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