Travis Todd (Contacts+) talks about the challenges in contact management


We asked Travis Todd, General Manager of Apps at Contacts+ /FullContact, what the biggest challenges are for SME’s when it comes to contact management and how to tackle them. He gave us a unique insight into the core values of FullContact and today’s contact management.

When it comes to contact management, what do you think today’s biggest challenges are for SMEs?

I think the biggest challenge in contact management has been the proliferation of SaaS apps that house contacts. Ranging from CRM’s to billing systems to customer service to marketing automation tools.

In those four categories alone, there are probably thousands of different apps available. And it is so easy to try them or to switch between apps. So you end up having fragments of contact records in all these different systems. There is no real picture of who your company’s contacts are, who you know, all in one spot.


What do you think is the impact of cloud-based contact management solutions, such as PieSync and FullContact, for SMEs?

So you’ve got all these SaaS based systems out there that are very easy to turn on and to start implementing, but they only have fragments of contact records. I think that solutions such as PieSync and FullContact allow you to tackle that.

FullContact and PieSync allow you to connect the dots and get an information flow going. So that, when you take a snapshot of a customer in system A, the same snapshot is also in system B. PieSync is obviously good at syncing those systems and FullContact is good at is being the hub of that sync.

We bring disparate data in, determine and merge duplicates, and we add additional, publicly available, information, such as job title, url, … in helping to complete the snapshot. PieSync and FullContact definitely complement each other in solving the problem of having disparate data silos.


FullContact’s ethos is “We are awesome with People”. How is quality data aligned with that statement?

We Are Awesome with people is something we say next to ‘We try to enable our customers to be awesome with people’. Imagine you are in your CRM system or address book and you want to call somebody. But we’ve got bad data in your phone number or a bad URL in your customer record.

That doesn’t enable our customers to be awesome with the people they need to be awesome with. So in order to allow people, or allow our customers to be awesome with people, we have to have good data. And we have to have high data quality.

It’s something that we focus on a lot, always trying to improve. It’s also at the core of our company to enable our customers to be awesome with people. It’s foundational. In our business, our customers need to have data they can trust.


Can you share with PieSync users a leadership lesson?

At FullContact we put on a conference every year. Last week was the second year of the conference. The theme was ‘Authentic relationships’ and I think a lesson in general for companies is: be authentic in relationship.

Authentic relationships is something people usually think of in a one-to-one context but it’s also relevant for a company-customer relationship. That’s something we want to empower. An example of that would be a marketing database full of email addresses. You know just the spray and pray approach of sending a single message out to everybody, doesn’t work in today’s age.

People want context, they want you to know who they are before you email them. And that’s understanding their interests, their hobbies, … Only sending them things that are relevant to them. They demand personalisation. I think that’s one of those things we try to be consistent with at FullContact.

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