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May 26, 2016

Team Building Doesn’t Have to Suck

Ok, I know, team building can be pretty unpopular, a survey conducted by Wakefield Research found that 31 percent of employees say they dislike team-building activities. It conjures up images of lame office party games like who can build the biggest tower out of marshmallows and toothpicks, or worse, something like this:

team building

But, like it or not, the irrefutable truth is team building works and it is crucial to your business success.

Did you know that in 85% of companies, employee morale drops sharply after the first six months? Research from the Harvard Business Schoolfound that almost everyone starts their jobs with great enthusiasm, but their satisfaction nosedives at the six-month mark and continues to drop in the years thereafter. If you want to keep your employees motivated, and in your employ, you need to ensure three things in their workplace environment:

  • Equity: To be respected and to be treated fairly in areas such as pay, benefits, and job security.
  • Achievement: To be proud of one’s job, accomplishments, and employer.
  • Camaraderie: To have good, productive relationships with fellow employees.

The first two points can be achieved by some managerial changes. But the third one, build camaraderie, is a trickier beast to tame. With the American Psychological Associationfinding that 93% of employees are motivated to do their best if they feel valued at work, you can’t afford to ignore this crucial ingredient. This is where team building can help.

David W. Ballard from the American Psychological Association advises “Take care to avoid putting employees in embarrassing or uncomfortable situations. Recognize that people have different preferences and respect employee boundaries regarding physical contact and the disclosure of personal information.”

Being sensitive to the needs of employees is also important. Ballard says, “When planning team-building activities, employers should also be sure to offer a variety of options at different times, including some that are during work hours, so that employees with different physical abilities and those with caregiving demands aren’t marginalized or excluded.”

Because we love apps and tech so much, here are out top 4 team building activity apps:

  1. Geocaching - take your team on a real-world outdoor treasure hunt! Armed with GPS co-ordinates you follow the strategically hidden clues to find the treasure.

  2. TheGoGame App - guided by the GoGame smartphone app, teams embark on a series of team-building challenges that call for communication, problem-solving and creativity.

  3. - if you just want to hang around and have a couple of beers with your colleagues, why not do it over some quizzes? Take quizzes and share results to find out your colleagues strengths and weaknesses.

  4. Disc Personality Quiz - want to get to know what makes your team members truly tick? Get them to take this easy to answer personality quiz!

PieSync Team Building

If you follow our Instagram or Facebook accounts, you already know that here at PieSync we believe in team spirit. For our last team building activity, we decided to take a break from all the technology and went out for pizza (we even learned some Italian from the waiter!) and then bowling afterward. Here are a few photos of the out-of-office camaraderie:

beers after work PieSync

Beers after work @ PieSync

PieSync Team Building

Happy Syncing!

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