Text Messages for Lead Generation? Yes you can!

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March 5, 2018


SMS for Lead Generation

Barack Obama announced his VP pick, Joe Biden, to nearly 3 million Americans via text messaging. With 260 million Americans using a mobile phone, it’s safe to say he knew the reach and the power of the medium.

So why shouldn’t your business also tap into the power of text messaging? Your sales and marketing departments could reach a sizeable market using the power of text messaging.

Why Choose Texting?

SMS marketing is 6-8x more engaging than email marketing, which makes sense because SMSes are short, immediate and easy to process. By 2020 48.7 million consumers in the UK will opt-in to receive business-related SMSes.

Not only that, most people are practically glued to their phones all hours of the day. In fact 53% of consumers research products on their mobile. But right now only 31% of businesses are using mobile strategies.

Most businesses are not yet using text messaging to reach their leads and customers. With apps like EZ texting, you can easily branch out your marketing and sales efforts into SMS.

Advantages of SMS outreach

There are two huge advantages of using text messages for sales and marketing messages:

Real-time engagement

This form of communication has a high guarantee of high real-time engagement and direct access to your audience. Reports say that 90% of text messages are read within three seconds of being received. Text messages have a 98% open rate, compare that to “high” email open rates of around 25 - 30%, depending on your industry.

High Conversion

Reports find that those who receive marketing and sales text messages are also likely to convert. 29% of those who received the SMS responded to the message. On top of that, 47% of this group made a purchase. This is a 14% conversion rate!

But this doesn’t mean you should immediately start blasting your entire prospect and customer database with the same blanket promotions in hopes of closing a deal. This scattershot approach will actually drive potential business away.

Three Tips for Effective SMS Outreach

If you want your text campaigns to succeed, you’ve got to get personal.

1. Send personalized promos

A report from Accenture found that 75% of consumers are more likely to buy from retailers that recognize them as individuals. And this can extend to your SMS outreach efforts.

Back to marketing 101: include the first name in your text messages.

The second point is you need to segment your contacts! Make sure your promos are targeted to segments of your list. So for instance, if you are selling dog food, it’s wise to segment your list and send your SMS promo to those who have indicated they own a dog.

You can do this by grouping your contacts in your CRM, such as Salesforce. You can then sync these contacts over to EZ texting using PieSync, and keep the integrity of these groups. In EZ texting you can create a text message specifically for dog owners, and add personalization tags.


Screenshot of text message creation in EZ texting for the group of dog owners. Note the personalization at the beginning.

2. Respond quickly

If you want to generate smokin’ hot leads, you should respond blazing fast to any responses to your text message outreach campaigns, because studies show 1/3 - 1/2 of sales go to the first responder. Responding quickly also builds up trust and the faster your leads get answers to their questions about your promo and product, the more likely they will convert to a sale.

3. Get Ready to Change the Channel

Maybe your initial contact is an SMS promo, but your lead is more comfortable chatting to your sales or customer care team through another channel. Be flexible enough about this to switch to a channel that the customer feels most comfortable in. We all know this goes hand in hand with the principles of omnichannel marketing.

One thing to keep in mind is that your database has to consent to receive text messages from you with a hard opt-in. That way you are operating your campaigns well within the bounds of strict data laws like GDPR.

If you’d like to try out an SMS campaign using your existing CRM database, try our PieSync recipe for syncing up with EZ Texting. You can easily substitute Salesforce with your CRM.

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