The key benefits of syncing customer data

EspoCRM key benefits of syncing customer data

Editor’s note: The following is a guest blog post by our integration partner EspoCRM

In the modern business environment, efficient data management is the backbone of building any successful company, and CRM systems have become indispensable tools for that.

However, apart from CRM tools, many companies use several extra apps for effective data collection, each fulfilling a wide range of diverse functions and used by various departments.

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Although each of the used platforms has its advantages, their parallel utilization usually causes a lot of problems with data consistency. As a rule, the source of these “data problems” lies in the fact that these apps are not integrated with your CRM instance. In the end, your employees find themselves in a situation when they have to daily import and export customer data manually in order to keep it complete, accurate, reliable and - what is even more important - up-to-date.

The best way to deal with this situation is to implement software that helps to synchronize customer data automatically. In case you’re using EspoCRM as the main tool for customer data management, PieSync is the software you need to sync EspoCRM with 200+ cloud apps, two ways and in real time.

PieSync helps to establish a strong correlation of contact data between your CRM and the extra tools you use. The platform also allows you to set if-this-then-that rules that help to control and segment the data that is synced between EspoCRM and the business tool you use.


What are the key benefits of syncing customer data?

  • It saves time. Once set up, the syncing process is performed automatically, so your employees will save a lot of time and effort allotted to manual exporting and importing of customer data.

  • It ensures data consistency. As the data is entered by the employee only once and then automatically synced into other tools, it is always up-to-date, complete, and less prone to human errors or duplicating.

  • It improves customer service. Reliable customer data has always been one of the principal components for delivering first-class customer experience. Empowered with relevant and consistent information, your employees will be able to improve customer relationships and generate more sales within a short time frame.

  • It increases employees’ productivity. Your employees won’t have to look for snippets of various information about the customer in different apps to finish up creating an “invoice puzzle”. Having all the data available at their fingertips will allow spending less time on routine operations.

Already feel like giving new life to your customer data? Unleash the full potential of EspoCRM and PieSync today!

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