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August 11, 2017

Automation breaking boundaries

Forbes: How Automation Could Save Your Business $4 Million Annually This article by Forbes will show us why automation can help your business save millions. If you consider that the conventional work week is 40 hours, the data reveals that automation will save employees 6 weeks of time per year, and a full 9 weeks of time for business leaders — all of it time that professionals can reinvest into career development and personal growth opportunities.

Follow Up Boss: Save Time and Close More Real Estate Deals With Automation Are you in the Real Estate Industry? Learn with Follow Up Boss how to use Automation to save time and to reach out to your customer in an efficient way. In this article, you will find the benefits of Automation, suggestions for email marketing, segmentation and a lot of practical information. Check it out!

Artificial Intelligence everywhere

Wired: Inside Salesforce’s quest to bring Artificial Intelligence to Everyone Since last year, Salesforce has gone all-in on AI with the idealistic mission of creating “AI for everyone”. For the Salesforce team, this is the platform of the future. That’s why their AI program, called Einstein, will now be broadly available for their users. For CRM this kind of program can mean a milestone in the process of labeling, organizing and processing customer data.

ABC: Australia must embrace AI revolution with automation set to affect every job, report says This article tells us how the business world will change in Australia in a not-so-distant future. Where Artificial Intelligence is starting to become a workforce. Rather than lose their jobs, Australian workers will have to adjust to a new way of working next to AI.

All Ages Admitted

BBC News: This 14-year-old made the best Facebook Messenger chatbot A chatbot is not the most popular computer program available. It’s a conversation tool with an AI unit. Several big companies have failed in giving them an effective commercial use. However, a 14-year old developer from Canada created one that is being talked about. It’s called Christopher Bot and it is a chatbot that helps students keep track of homework. Take a look!

Wired: Surviving as an old in the tech world Karen Wickre is 66 and she works at Google. Her environment is not exactly full of seniors, but instead of feeling like an outsider she tells us how the combination of experience and a good attitude towards new things has helped her and her team.

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