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June 14, 2018


We’ve handpicked some of the best marketing blog posts for you. These posts are sure to give you some inspiration for your next marketing campaign.

Campaign Monitor - How to Use Psychology to Optimize a Landing Page

Landing pages are essential for generating leads. But creating a page with a form is not enough for your campaign to be successful. Campaign Monitor explains how to create the perfect landing page using consumer psychology. You will find a lot of creative examples in this blog post to inspire you!

Mailchimp - What We Learned From Tony Hawk About Authenticity

Mailchimp invited Tony Hawk to their Coffee Hour series. He talked about how being true to yourself is the best way to reach success. 'Authenticity' is still a keyword in today’s marketing strategy. A must read for every marketer.

Sharpspring - Top 9 Digital Marketing Buzzwords

Having a bit a of problem keeping up with this year’s marketing buzzwords? You are not alone. Algorithms? Automation? AI? What do they mean in today’s marketing world? Sharpspring provides us with an easy-to-comprehend list.

Marketo - Building Your MarTech Stack Into an Ecosystem

As a marketer, you and your team are under pressure to achieve better results. Using the latest marketing technology can help you do the job. But there are over 8.000 marketing-related products to choose from. Marketo provides you with a short guide on how to solve this puzzle.

HubSpot - Where’s Video Going? 10 Trends to Watch

Video marketing has been on the rise for several years now. It has become the medium of choice to distribute content and increase engagement rates online. Hubspot gathered the top 10 video marketing trends for 2018.

PieSync - 5 business apps to help you master GDPR

Ok, we don’t usually promote our own posts in our link roundup, but bear with with me. May 25th was an important deadline for companies doing business with European clients. A lot of marketing and CRM applications have released new features to help you comply with the new European privacy regulation (aka GDPR). To save you some time, we bundled some of those features in a must-read blog post.

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