This Online Agency Saves Hours by Keeping Aircall and HubSpot in Sync

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Digital transformation in the last decade is remarkable. New technologies replace old ones at great speed and this makes it hard for business owners to keep track of it all.

Maatwerk Online steps in to help its customers to successfully implement and track different digital marketing efforts. This modern company is located in Rotterdam, South Holland is specialized in generating more customers through well-thought online marketing strategies.

Each one of their customers is different. They all have unique needs. That’s why Maatwerk Online requires different types and channels of communication. They are using Aircall as a VOIP, Mailchimp for email marketing, Outlook and HubSpot at the center of it all. There’s an impressive software stack in place behind the digital agency. The challenge is to keep those tools in sync.

Last year, Nick Heurter, Online Marketer at Maatwerk Online, discovered PieSync.

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The scenario

Where do their leads come from? Maatwerk online generates most of their leads through a web form on their website. When filling out this form, the information is automatically sent to HubSpot.

On the other hand, Nick receives a lot of phone calls, which he picks up through Aircall. This phone system allows you to add several team members that have their own application on their desktop device. It’s basically a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) where all of Nick’s team members can answer calls or forward them to other colleagues.

To reach out to their existing and potential customers, Maatwerk Online uses one of the most popular email marketing tools around, no other than Mailchimp.

All these tools gather valuable customer information at various stages of the customers’ journey. The problem is that the data is scattered across the application. These tools aren’t communicating 2-way with each other. That’s where PieSync steps in.

Where PieSync comes to the rescue

Though Aircall is working perfectly for them as a business phone, according to Nick, answering a phone call before using PieSync was an adventure. He didn’t know exactly who was calling them, if there was any information about the contact stored about them, or their history with them. This situation wasn’t contributing to the quality of the conversations, neither was it helpful to create personalized conversations.

Nowadays PieSync keeps subsets of contacts in sync between Aircall and HubSpot. This way whenever someone makes or modifies a piece of contact information in either app, it will be automatically updated in the other app according to your exact criteria. Meaning, always up-to-date caller IDs without making a simple import/export.

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“Thanks to the PieSync integration, when I receive a phone call I know exactly who is calling. With just one click, I have all the customer information in front of me,” says Nick. “If I had to manually insert and update all our customer information it would take me approximately 4 hours a week.”

Wondering what happens with deletions? Let us explain:

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