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October 27, 2016

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5 CRM reports you need to be using

Every CRM will give you the choice between using one of their template reports or creating a custom report. But there are a few reports that are absolutely essential for helping you streamline your business. Here are our top five picks of the best Out Of The Box CRM reports you need to use today.

Pipeline or Deal Regression - this report provides a detailed view of all your leads that have moved from one customer stage in the pipeline to another. This helps salespeople to seize opportunities and develop tactics for regressed leads. It also helps marketing to set quotas and launch campaigns such as email drip campaigns.

High-Value Customers - this report is invaluable if you want to invest your time in customer retention, which you should. Your marketing can then launch campaigns with these customers to foster their loyalty, such as discounts and giveaways. It’s a great way to turn a high-value customer into brand advocates.

Sales Cycle Reports - this tracks the average number of days it takes for your leads to get to a particular stage in the pipeline. Essential information for sales and marketing, especially when they are crafting the buyer’s journey and analyzing prospect and customer preferences. It also helps to identify kinks in your sales pipeline.

Lead Status Report - useful to monitor progress and make sure to stay up to date so your sales team can win deals from these leads. Additionally, you can find out which sources are most successful to translating these leads into deals and you can track the total amount of deals your organization locks up.

Goal Progress Reports - tells you if your campaigns are meeting your pre-defined goals. This could be a report about total revenue or deals won, or if it’s for marketing the total ROI per campaign. They can help you determine the effectiveness of your campaigns which is suitable for helping decision-makers make a call on business tactics, and are great for keeping your teams on the same page.

If you get started with these reports, your well on the way to getting control over your customer data.

Remember, your CRM is only as strong as its integrations. If you can’t share your data with your marketing and customer care teams, then you’re working in the dreaded “data silo” zone.

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