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August 12, 2016

Top 7 Books for Real Estate Agents“I’m lazy, that’s why I read lots of business books,” marketing expert Drayton Bird once famously said. I bet you’re “lazy” too. Instead of trying out hundreds of different ways to get your job done, and guessing at what methods might work, you cut to the chase and go read books written by experts about methods that are proven to work. I prefer the word “efficient” to the word lazy, so let’s say we’re all efficient. You’re here because you want to see if there are some must-read real estate books, and I’ve asked around some people who are in the know and they came back to me with this list:

Books for Real Estate Agents

Oren Klaff: Pitch Anything Pitch Anything Real Estate BooksAccording to Klaff pitching isn’t a talent you either have or you don’t, it can be boiled down to a science that he terms “Neurofinance” - a combination of neuroscience and economics. Whether you’re trying to land a new client, or selling your ideas to a business, this book will help you position those ideas so your clients can’t refuse. Leslie T. Giblin: How to Have Confidence and Power In Dealing With People How to Have Confidence and Power in Dealing with People Paperback –Real Estate BooksIn essence, Giblin teaches you about dealing with people as they are, not who you wish them to be, so you can successfully get what you want out of them. You’ll get a step by step guide on how to get what you want from people in a way that leaves you both feeling good. First published in 1956, this book shows that human nature doesn’t change, even though technology has changed the way we communicate. Aaron Ross: Predictable Revenue Predictable-Revenue-Real Estate BooksHailed as the new sales Bible - Predictable Revenue will teach you about Ross’ outbound sales techniques that helped him garner $100 million in recurring revenue for Salesforce - with ZERO cold calls! This book helps you build the sales machine of your dreams by generating high-quality leads to meet your financial targets. Andy Bounds : The Jelly Effect The Jelly Effect Real Estate BooksWhen it comes to improving communication, Andy Bounds knows what he is talking about. He’s an award-winning sales and communication expert, who ascribes his superior communication skills to having a blind mother “This has given him a lifetime’s experience of communicating from someone else’s point of view… so critical when seeking to persuade others.” His best-selling book, “The Jelly Effect”, tell you how to communicative any idea to any person in a way that they understand. Jen Sincero : You Are A Badass You are a badadd real estate booksNeed a kick in the behind to get your off your couch in Loserville and start the journey to Awesome City? This book is for you! Sincero has written a self-help book for the punk rocker in all of us that wants to take on the world, live an awesome life and make loads of money while doing it. Seth Godin: The Dip The_dip real estate booksWhen things get tough it’s not always easy to know if you’re in a cul-de-sac and should just give up, or you’re in a dip before great success and should push harder. Godin tells you all about how winners quit fast and often, until they find the right “dip” to conquer. Learn how to distinguish life’s dips from life’s cul-de-sacs. Henry Cloud: Necessary Endings Necessary Endings Books for Real estate agentsWhether it’s saying goodbye to a long-term, but ultimately unproductive business relationships, or switching careers, Cloud wants you to pave the way to a more successful, fulfilling life. Cloud challenges you to give all you’ve got to achieve personal and professional growth - and also give you the tools to gain the insight on how to make tough decisions. These are just a small selection of the many books for real estate agents. I’d love to hear what books have inspired you, leave me a comment and I’ll include it in the blog post! You might also like: 3 Surefire Real Estate Lead Generation Tips from the Prosor How to make your own Real Estate SaaS App Stack

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