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September 15, 2017

business writing What do you do when you want to achieve better sales results? First of all, you start listening. Instead of talking about your products and making a straightforward sales pitch, you listen to the problems your potential buyer has. Then, you tailor an offer they cannot refuse. That’s the main rule for selling: you understand the questions and you provide answers.Have you ever wondered how you can make yourself more effective in listening and answering? Well, there are tools for that. Writing tools, to be specific. How do you make sure your answers reach your audience? You write. Whether you’re doing it through an email message or a blog post, you have to provide written content. Better writing skills improve your chances to close the deals. We’ll suggest 10 tools that make business writing easy.

The Internet Marketing Written Style Guide

Do you write e-mail or email? Is it an eBook or an e-book? When you start writing for business purposes, you’ll face many dilemmas. At one point or another, you’ll realize you need a style guide. It will keep your tone consistent. If you’re hiring multiple writers to compose content for you, the style guide is even more important. The Internet Marketing Written Style Guide is specifically aimed at marketers. It teaches you how to improve your writing in a way that works for the audience. The Guide comes in the convenient format of an eBook (or is it an Ebook?) and it’s free!


Before you can start writing anything, you need an idea. The problem is: the best ideas can come when you can’t really sit down and write. If you don’t find a way to collect the ideas, you’ll lose them. Wridea is an idea management service. It allows you to note down all ideas and organize them in different categories. You can share those ideas with your team. When you work together, you can develop the ideas into better solutions.


You want to gain better sales results through an AdWords campaign? That’s a great strategy. However, you need proper text that will capture the viewer’s attention. This software analyzes the performance of your current campaign and tells you where you need improvements. The search engine algorithms are constantly changing, so you can’t stick with a single strategy. WordStream will give you suggestions on how to optimize bids and budgets, but it will also tell you how to improve the text.

Essay Geeks

You don’t have time to write blog content that would drive more traffic towards your sales pitches? You can always count on professional writers to cover that part of the work for you. Essay Geeks is the best place to find expert writers, who are educated in marketing. If you already have content and you want to make it better, you can hire the editors from this service. They will improve the quality and readability of your content, so your message will come across as a clear and convincing one.

The Writer’s Diet

When you’re not experienced with writing, you tend to use more words than you would use when speaking. That’s not a good thing. In marketing content, in particular, brevity and clarity are a must. This tool will remind you to get rid of excessive words and phrases. All you need to do is paste your text into the test tool. You’ll get it back with different highlights, which indicate the problematic verbs, nouns, prepositions, adjectives, and other issues in the content.

Cliché Finder

Aren’t you tired reading the same clichés in marketing content? We all are. The problem is: we’re so used to heavy salesy language that we’re using clichés without being aware of them. This tool will make a difference. It highlights the boring phrases, so you can replace them with text that’s more specific. Email Excellence How do you write the perfect pitch through an email message? The recipient won’t give it much time, so you have to get straight onto the main message. However, that approach is risky, since it makes your tone salesy. Email Excellence helps you strike the perfect balance between friendly and straightforward. It gives you templates for various types of email messages, along with explanations of each element of the message.


You’re not done writing an email message or a blog post before you edit to perfection. How do you spot the mistakes you’re not even aware you’re making? Ginger is the right tool to use during this stage. It’s a free online editor that helps you check the grammar and spelling in your writing. The results cannot be compared to the ones a real editor would achieve. However, Ginger is more efficient in correcting in context when compared to MS Word’s spelling and grammar check tool.

Grammar Girl

You have to make sure you’re maintaining proper grammar throughout the text. If you’re not sure about something, you can always check Grammar Girl. She has quick tips on all aspects of writing. She teaches you about proper grammar, punctuation, and word usage. Read an article a day and implement its tips in your writing. With that strategy, you’ll keep improving your grammar as you write.


Do you remember that we mentioned listening as something that makes you a better marketer? All above-listed tools help you write content that sells. But, how do you find the right topics? You have to listen. When you identify the problems and issues your target audience faces, you’ll know how to craft your approach. Quora helps you with the listening part. Explore the questions from your niche and you’ll realize what answers you need to provide, so you can convince your potential buyer to make the purchase.When you’re trying to make more sales, the way you present your offer makes a real difference. The key to success is in a convincing written message. The 10 tools we listed above will help you get results!

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