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August 29, 2018

Eventbrite helps you organize, promote, and sell one your events with easy-to-use online ticketing tools. By creating a connection between Eventbrite and your other apps via PieSync, you can achieve amazing automated workflows that will increase you team's productivity and guarantee squeaky clean data.

Not only will PieSync update your database when you have a new attendee in Eventbrite, but it will be constantly checking for updates in the existing ones to overwrite the information whenever a change is made.

Here we've gathered some of the best syncs you can create with Eventbrite:

Eventbrite and MailChimp

Guarantee a perfect segmentation by syncing attendee preferences to the right MailChimp group. Even if attendees would change their minds after initially registering!

mailchimp eventbrite

Eventbrite and Google Contacts

To directly recognize people who have registered for your event when they call you (Caller ID will include (Eventbrite) in front of their name.

Google Eventbrite

Eventbrite and Salesforce

Elegantly sync attendees to your CRM. Have them assigned as leads to the marketing manager and their lead source updated correctly (but not overwritten if they already existed in your database!)

Salesforce eventbrite

Eventbrite and FullContact

Get to know your attendees. Your attendees will sync into your FullContact database (preventing duplicates!) and helps you turn e-mail addresses into fully enriched contact profiles!

fullcontact eventbrite

Eventbrite and Quickbooks

When companies register for your event and you’re not only going to send out an invoice via Eventbrite’s native invoice engine, you can have the contact details of the person who registered synced to an accounting app like Quickbooks too.

Eventbrite quickbooks

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