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New feature: Choose between contacts and leads

We keep adding more options to our syncing solution! Now, you can choose to synchronize your contacts or leads in each app and then sync them seamlessly.

With this new feature, we enable our users to share data in an earlier stage of the customer's lifecycle. By syncing leads between apps, you can create automatic workflows in which leads, converted leads and contacts are duly differentiated for marketing and sales purposes.

Remember that with PieSync you can choose to sync one-way or two-way and it always works in real time.

Syncing Leads and Lead Conversion

What's a lead? Some CRM’s make a distinction between leads & contacts. Leads are prospects with an identified potential that are not yet converted into contacts you have a relationship with. For instance, someone who downloaded an ebook on your website but does not have an account with you yet.

At this point, some apps inside your software stack will classify this information as a lead automatically.

Funnel -Leads leads

In a typical sales process, some of those leads will convert into opportunities and then they may even receive the status of "Contact." Others, simply won't convert just yet.

The treatment you give to each group within this funnel is quite different. You don't want to send the same email communication to a potential client than to a current client, right?

That's where PieSync steps in!


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"PieSync is the glue that keeps everything together"

We know how difficult it is to work with different tools across your business. Most apps don't communicate between them or even speak the same language! As a result you have isolated islands of customer data in each app and department of your business. PieSync plays the role of a translator between your apps.

Currently we connect over 130+ cloud-based apps.

Now we support leads for the following apps:

We were already supporting leads in Convertfox, but now we also support Users!

Our elegant syncing engine enables you to keep in sync different applications according to your own criteria. You can already sync bidirectionally or one-way, sync categories, tags or lists between app, map and keep in sync your customized fields, and from now on, you can also choose to sync between contacts or leads.

PieSync's syncing solution helps you prevent duplicates and outdated information. With a 2-way sync, every time you add or update contact or lead information in one app it will be automatically changed in the other app, and vice versa. This means you don't have to import/export contacts ever again!

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