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October 5, 2018

pipedrive labels

Great news for all users syncing Pipedrive!

Following a segmentation logic found in other CRM's, Pipedrive too now offers labels. Some labels are supplied by default, helping you to indicate the hotness of a lead. But you can customize these labels and create new ones...

Through PieSync, labels can now be set by how these contacts are unambiguously behaving in other cloud software you are using alongside Pipedrive.

Step 1

Take a platform like Intercom, where your address book is split up in leads on the one hand, and users on the other. Leads are simple web visitors, users have registered and created an account with your product. With PieSync, you sync those leads & users through to Pipedrive. Yet, a distinction that needs to be visually present on each contact inside Pipedrive.. Because there you have only one address book...

intercom pipedrive sync

Sync Pipedrive with Intercom

Step 2

In two separate syncs I set up towards Pipedrive, one with Leads, another with Users, I'm ensuring the sync rules put the right label on the right contact in Pipedrive. The result is this: a clear visual and true indication of where this user comes from and whether or not they have converted.

Screen Shot 2018-10-04 at 12.51.49

Step 3

Now that Pipedrive is building on the knowledge of how my users are behaving, I can have Pipedrive play out its role as a CRM, a true central system controlling other processes of my business. It's going to drive the marketing automation I have running in a different platform. Leads & users should get differentiated content.

pipedrive labels

Notice how both rules contain "Undo" toggles. When their label switches, they get unsubscribed from their respective mailinglists.

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