Webinar: How to Make a Strong SaaS Stack (recording)

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June 15, 2018

Webinar Tim-Berman 2

Here at PieSync, we love Small and Medium Enterprises, and we are aware of the extraordinary amount of challenges they have. The best way in which we can help them out is by making sure their SaaS Stack is strong enough. That’s why this week our Solutions Engineer Frans Leys, invited our friends from FullContact and Intercom to share their expertise and discover the most effective way to build a strong SaaS Stack.

Our special guest, entrepreneur Tim Berman from Big Red’s Equipment, showed us how he increases productivity by syncing multiple business cloud-based apps.


  • How to maintain data integrity across your business apps
  • How to intelligently create a high-quality customer database
  • How to ensure all your departments are on the same page

Did you miss out? Here’s the recording!

On this webinar:

Travis Todd General Manager of Apps - FullContact

Travis is a co-founder of FullContact, a technology company based in Denver Colorado. His current role is General Manager of Apps, working with the team that develops and delivers the consumer applications that FullContact provides and also serves on the board of directors.

Tim Berman Founder - Big Red’s Equipment

Tim is the Founder of Big Red’s Equipment Sales, a farm equipment dealership based in Texas. He supports the dealership through strategy, marketing technology, and general business development. He is passionate about small business, the rural lifestyle, and cutting edge marketing technology that connects the two.

Check out Tim Berman's complete success story here.

Daniel Harris Senior Product Marketing Manager - Intercom

Dan is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Intercom and leads marketing efforts for company initiatives including new product launches and major feature releases. He is passionate about building communities, both in his business and personal life, storytelling, and creative writing.

Frans Leys Solutions Engineer - PieSync

Frans helps various companies set up their data syncs. This way, he collects all kinds of customer feedback to drive the PieSync platform forward. He started his career in what he refers to as a boring job in corporate finance and switched four years ago to work with exciting software startups as a solutions engineer, now implementing cutting edge solutions within SME’s.

About Claudia Martinez

Claudia helps the marketing team by producing awesome blogs, case studies, ebooks, and newsletters. This tech-savvy writer is constantly searching for that great story behind the use case. She also loves working with our partners to create unique co-marketing campaigns.