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August 5, 2016

Weekly Link roundup

PieSync Weekly Link Roundup

Here’s a roundup of the best links that we’ve clicked this week:

Motherboard: The Motherboard Guide to Not Getting Hacked“Hacking and data breaches are real, growing dangers, but there are basic steps that can keep you generally safe on the internet, and we’re going to tell you what they are.” ( read) The Verge : Upthere new cloud storage device which syncs filesUpthere “…says it has built a new way of saving, storing, and organizing files, and done it in a way that takes advantage of the cloud. It pays special attention to metadata, enabling faster searches. “ ( read)

Smithsonian Magazine: The Surprising History of the Infographic“…this isn’t the first time we’ve discovered the pleasures of making information into pictures. Over a hundred years ago, scientists and thinkers found themselves drowning in their own flood of data—and to help understand it, they invented the very idea of infographics.” ( read)

1843: The Way Out of Burnout“So while there are many means by which we can be helped to relax, the predicament of severe burnout is precisely that you cannot be helped to relax. Where burnout has psychological roots, psychoanalysis may be able to help.” ( read)

Mashable: The Kickstarter economy: 29,600 full-time jobs, $5.3 billion in activity “Earlier this month, Ethan Mollick, an assistant professor of management at the Wharton School of Business, released the first-ever comprehensive study on the economic impact of Kickstarter. “ ( read) Inc: 5 Email Newsletters That Will Teach You More Than a Harvard MBA“You need to be selective and find a combination of newsletters that look at the news from different angles that give you a complete view of what’s going on. Here are five of the best newsletters in the tech world–each offering a different perspective and a unique recipe of news, analysis, and strategic insight.” ( read)

Ars Technica : Dark Patterns Designed to trick you (and they’re all over the web)“…dark patterns trick unsuspecting users into a gamut of actions: setting up recurring payments, purchasing items surreptitiously added to a shopping cart, or spamming all contacts through prechecked forms on Facebook games.” ( read) Buffer: The Complete Guide to Instagram MarketingHow can you stand out among the other 95 million photos posted each day? How can non-designers and amateur photographers create beautiful content for Instagram? These are all questions we’d love to help you answer in this guide.” ( read)

Capterra: Is Your Business Big Data Ready?“Big Data is the driver behind technology such as self-driving cars and the drones that deliver your groceries. These technologies need to be able to capture, analyze, and interpret huge amounts of data in nanoseconds, so not only does Big Data have to be big, it also has to be fast. While that all sounds very nice and hi-tech, you’re probably wondering what that’s got to do with your business.” ( read) Desk: Four Ways Customer Data Can Drive Retention“We now have access to an unprecedented amount of customer information, but quite often this information languishes away in your database. Recent research from Experian Data Quality found that 77% of CIOs believe data is a valuable asset that’s not being fully exploited in their organizations. Don’t let this data go to waste!” ( read) Brainleaf: 5 Must-Have Cloud-Based Tools for Remote Workers“I’ve been both a remote worker and a local-in-the-office worker. Both have the pros and cons, and along the way I’ve gathered an arsenal of cloud-based tools to help me get my job done, plan projects, make small talk with colleagues, invoice seamlessly, and plan my family life. Most of these tools are free or have a reasonable price tag, so there’s no reason not to give them a go. ( read) Have a great weekend!

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